January 2020

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WARNING:  For those who do not like astrology, the first part of this Newsletter is filled with it.  Please know, though, that my version of astrology is not necessarily like any other astrologer.  I base a lot of what I say on patterns - patterns I see in the ethers, feel in my gut, sense with my nose, and feel in my lower jaw (forget “psychic ability” - this is an example of synesthesia, one of the aftereffects of near-death states).  Remember four years ago when I said Trump would win and everyone else was saying, no, it’s Hilliary?  Even the best astrologers I knew said it would be Hilliary. Nope. The right pattern for her to win wasn’t there.  It was for Trump. Like it or not he was meant to win. For the coming Presidential election later this year, the only real voters may be fear and anger.  Don’t prejudge what this might mean, or the result.  Keep your mind open. What’s coming is far greater than any election.  I’ve talked about The Great Shifting before; now, that Shifting is getting personal…………………………

January 12, 2020

This is the “doorway” to what’s coming. 
It heralds an unprecedented new beginning for our country and the world. 
We felt this energy begin earlier in the year. 
Mainly involves Pluto/Saturn atop each other (conjunct) in Capricorn. 
The last time this happened was 500 years ago.

*** For a better understanding of this energy factor via mythology
read Saturn-Pluto Conjunction Jan 2020 in Julie Loar’s October blog:  

January 12th also signals the “Pluto Return” 
our country will undergo
between the years 2020 - 2024: 
energy strongest in 2022/2023.  
Timing is based on our Nation’s birthday
(think Constitution).   

A “return” occurs when any given planet revisits the place it occupied at that person’s or nation’s “birth,” completing or exploding the fullness of the energy it contains.  People do not have Pluto Returns because the orb is too great, but a country can and ours will - during the very years of our next Presidential term of office!!!

When I indicated “extremes” ahead of us I wasn’t kidding. 
Pluto (death/transformation/revelation) exactly combines
with Saturn (taxes/accountability/payment). 
There is no middle ground with Pluto’s energy;
nothing missed thanks to the great taskmaster Saturn.  

This means:  radical changes for radical times. 
Great highs; great lows.  What we think, say, 
and do will matter more than ever before.

-----what follows are some ideas/thoughts that may make a difference------


  • In 2016, the Democratic Socialist of America had 5,000 members.  Today it has multiplied tenfold. This new energy on the left terrifies chief executives and billionaires.  


  • Plutocracy itself and the win-win ideology that has governed the past several decades is giving way to the idea that the elite’s own misbehaviour has trickled down - damaging the idea of a selfless billionaire savior.


  • College-bribery scandal illustrated the many ways very rich people secure spots in a university for their children.  They took advantage of a rigged system that blew up in their face. Not even “impact investing” (pursuing economic returns for the betterment of the world) did what it was designed for.

  • Facebook’s massive market  power and its behavior with Russian intelligence has enabled misinformation to thrive, resulting in fines.

  • Letitia James filed a lawsuit against members of the Sackler family and others, accusing them of profiting from the opioid crisis then covering up their misconduct with a philanthropic campaign.

  • Jeffrey Epstein, the late sexual predator, managed to defy arrest through his philanthropic endeavors and social climbing.

  • Says Stephen A. Schwarzman of Blackstone:  “How did we get there? The world has changed.  We’ve stopped adequately preparing our population for the world that we’re living in.”

  • As Western democracies enact safeguards to protect citizens from the rampant harvesting of data by government and corporations, China is exporting its AI-powered surveillance technology to authoritarian governments around the world.  Eight of the ten most surveilled cities in the world are in China. The entire system is designed to suppress people.  

Says reporter, Anand Giridharadas:  “The end of the age of capital and accelerate the coming of an age of reform in a vigorous new culture of joining in American Life.  Not clicking, not retweeting, not TikTokking, not screaming at MSNBC/Fox, but actually joining political movements and civic organizations with memberships so vast that politicians cannot ignore them.”

Rose Marcario, the Executive Chief
of Patagonia, has an idea. . . . . . . . . .

This outdoor apparel retailer would make more money if they pushed one of the supple pink and purple pullovers on sale for $119.  Instead salespeople say, “You can just patch it” (meaning older clothes).  Customers responded.  

Patagonia has long been at the forefront of what is now emerging as a popular new flavor of capitalism.  Today’s customers want their dollars to go to businesses that willuse their money to make the world a better place.  

Patagonia donates 1% of sales to environmental group and in 2016 gave 100% of Black Friday sales - about $10 million - to environmental organizations.

“Rampant consumerism is not really that attractive to younger generations,”
Rose Marcario, CEO of Patagonia.

Do Tomatoes Not Only Hear, But “Speak?”

It has long been noted that plants enjoy music, and that they do better when we talk to them.  So it is clear they listen, but new research indicates that they not only hear but that they can make sounds, too.  

In the experiment at TAU (Tel Aviv University), ultrasonic waves emitted by tomato and tobacco plants change based on the physical condition of the plant whether healthy, dry, or cut.  The sounds, moreover, are fairly loud, and thought at a frequency above that of animals. It’s louder than normal conversation and just a bit quieter than a vacuum cleaner. It would seem. . . that you are well within your rights to expect a little conversation for your watering.

The evidence that plants make sounds can be found on the pre-publication peer review website at  It is not clear if plants snore……………….. but it is clear they can respond “verbally” to conditions.


Teach kids to cook and bake at a very young age because……….

  • They’ll love doing it.

  • It’s an incredible art form.

  • It teaches critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.

  • Brings science to life.

  • Recipe failures matter as much as success - helps kids develop resilience.

  • Encourages kids to work with others to produce a final result.

  • Boosts their confidence.

  • Memories you make in the kitchen last lifelong.


Dan Buettner, Emmy-winning Filmmaker, and best selling author discovered

Blue Zones are places around the world where people live longer and feel better.  In Okinawa, he found the longest disability-free expectancy in the world. With help from the National Institute on Aging, he found two more such places:  Sardinia and a Seventh-Day Adventist community in Loma Linda, California. Then he discovered the island of Ikaria in Greece and the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.

What gives?  These Blue Zones have the lowest rate of middle-aged mortality and the highest concentrations of centenarians.  The people there are not tempted to do things that make us sick in America.  They live in an environment that sets them up for success.

Instead of “retirement,” they think in terms of “Why I wake up in the morning.”  People think of themselves as useful, even into their 90s and 100s. The older you get the more revered you are.  It’s not like, “OK, Grandma, you’ve worked your whole life. Put your feet up.” It’s more like, “Grandma, we need you.  We honor your decades of wisdom.”  

People in these areas eat a largely plant-based diet:  greens, grains, tubers, nuts, and beans. Dan Buettner was so impressed, he wrote, THE BLUE ZONE KITCHEN

Get a copy - then realize it’s not retirement, but new projects, new jobs, new ways to invent, create, build, enjoy, share. General “rule-of-thumb” practice: every 20 minutes exercise in some way or be active physically doing something.

To learn more about plants, foods, animals, farming, gardening, in a rapidly changing climate where we must rethink “food” attend………………..


 January 22-25, 2020 at the

Statehouse Convention Center,

Little Rock, Arkansas


For more information contact,
or contact Chandra Hinton, registration@ssawg,org.   Or call (479) 799-1235. 

Become a sponsor.  Become a member.
Get a copy of their agenda/magazine/flier.  Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

……… our Pluto Return advances………………


It has just been announced that the effectiveness of creativity is down by 39%.  That’s a huge drop!

We’re all becoming too left-brained, too data driven, too analytical.

Human beings are not linear and orderly.  They’re messy, and all over the place. Sometimes that’s the joy of living - in a spontaneous, impulsive, and highly emotive manner.  The fact is 85% of the decisions we make are irrational. We’re all currently drowning in data, from first party to third party and I’m sure there’s a fourth and fifth party coming along soon.  All this needs professional marketers with common sense and sheer gut instinct to cut through and make sense of it all. . . to sprinkle the magic between the numbers. . . and to let loose the power of creativity.

And this is where the right brain comes in.  We’re not using it enough, so it’s not being stimulated enough.  The right brain essentially controls emotion, which leads to 85% of our human decisions.  The right brain is where humor, metaphor, contradiction, nostalgia, cultural references, and all the broad constructs that make life vital and full of color exist.  The left brain, left to its own devices, has a wonderful terminator style of deconstructing and devitalizing life. The worrying thing is, the left brain as the dominating force it is, can overcome the right brain.  

We need to be whole brained now more than ever before.  We need our great left brain and our AI tools to help us crank through the sea of data.  That’s essential. But even more essential is to use this to feed and then let rip the tide of imagination and raw power of creativity.  This is the key to thriving in radical times. Remember that…………….


Cymatics is the science of visualizing audio frequencies.  It dates back more than a century to German physicist Ernst Chladni.  The term comes from the ancient Greek word kyma for “wave” and was coined by Swiss doctor Hans Jenny.  He documented dynamic, but ordered, patterns created by sound vibrations affecting fluids and powders.  Many experimenters are not trying to advance science. They are the do- it-yourself bunch making art or just having fun - putting water in concave membranes of stereo speakers, cranking up sound levels, enjoying the three-dimensional-flowerlike patterns that rise up out of the water.

NOTE:  there is a Cymatics company in the Marketplace of my website at  They do incredible things.  Visit them.

Humankind has always had knowledge about the power of sound.  In the Christian Bible: “In the beginning was the Word.”  Sound plays a vital role in Buddhism, such as singing bowls.  In India and other countries, sacred chants relax and clear the mind of the singer.  The richly diverse musical culture of Central Asia uses inspiring words and poetry along with spiritual music to uplift the human spirit and enhance its awareness to higher realms of consciousness.  Sufi music decreases stress levels of patients in the intensive care unit of modern hospitals. Shamanic drumming can create a trance-like state, marching bands are used to fire-up an army or a sports team, and a mother’s lullaby soothes a troubled child.  The Vedic tradition uses sound vibrations to restore physical and mental well-being. Roger Gabriel, who writes for the Chopra Center, says if there is a vibrational disharmony somewhere in your physical body and you know the correct vibration for that area, you can begin to correct the imbalance by chanting or toning that sound silently or aloud and directing it to the area.  

John Stuart Reid conducted acoustics experiments in Egypt’s Great Pyramid in 1996 and 1997.  In one of his experiments in the King’s Chamber, use of white noise erased a severe pain he had in his lower back.  As a result of this seemingly miraculous healing during his experiments, he was inspired to design a new type of scientific instrument that could make sound visible - the CymaScope.  He found that sounds are NOT WAVES but spherical in form.  He calls them “SOUND BUBBLES.”  He learned that as the frequency of sound rises beyond the upper range of human hearing, such as to high frequencies used by dolphins, the sound bubble becomes increasingly flattened until it resembles a searchlight  beam. The shape can even resemble a laser beam when it gets to the even higher frequencies classified as ultrasound. He developed a new version, a miniature CymaScope that is so small it fits under the lens of a power microscope.  The results of making sound visible in the microscopic realm informs scientists who use the instrument.    

Reid’s instrument is featured in a scientific study regarding the relationship of sound and form.  The study was published in the October 2017 edition of Water Journal, a new journal started by Gerald Pollack, Ph.D, the author of the break- through book…THE FOURTH PHASE OF WATER


Take a sound bath.  Yup, this is real, right now. 

Part one shows what happens to water in a bowl when being played.
Part two is a Sound Bath with Singing Bowls.  It can last 3 hours if you want it to. 
Really beautiful.  I managed 15 minutes with my busy schedule.

How about you?  If you’re uptight, you may want to go the distance.


*** A puppy was found frozen in permafrost in Russia.  Age: 18,000 years.

*** Jonathan Van Ness, Queer Eye star, opens up about living with HIV:  “I want people to realize you’re never too broken to be fixed.”

*** Americans are having fewer babies and dying younger.  More immigrants in the workforce and paying taxes could help prevent a crisis with Social Security and Medicare.

*** Discovery of 20 new moons puts Saturn ahead of Jupiter in moon count.  Jupiter’s Ganymede, though, is the largest - almost half the size of Earth.

*** Throw away or destroy everything Teflon that you have...immediately!!!  See the movie “DARK WATERS” to find out why. The movie is about what DuPont, “Better Living Through Chemistry,” did to Parkersburg, WV, and everywhere else around.  The Teflon coating is pure poison. . . to people, to the environment, to all living things.

***  Our people are killing each other in numbers difficult to believe.  As of 12-22-19, there were nearly 400 mass shootings in the U.S.  The worst killers are young boys. Many parents are now teaching their children to become “porch pirates” and steal other people’s purchases delivered directly to homes. Spiritual truths, even basic human courtesy, are no longer being taught; churches going bankrupt.  What might help is for everyone to know about the metaphysical centers that are active and alive, where spiritual truths are taught in dynamic ways, especially with children. The two main ones are Unity, and Centers for Spiritual Living (former name - Religious Science).  Check registries in your area or these web addresses to locate the nearest center to you.

*** In “Atlas of the Underworld,” it is now known that 100 massive remains of former tectonic plates exist.  Thirty countries are involved, many in Southern Europe. New Zealand may indeed be our eighth continent.  Earth erases its own history, as new forms are created.  To check out the latest on lost continents, go to: 



Cardiologist Pim van Lommel was the lead researcher in the largest hospital-based
NDE study ever done.  He checked some of my work.


Dan Drasin’s interest is such things started as a result of numerous precognitive dreams during childhood.  He later became a keen investigator of the UFO phenomenon, then various facets of the afterlife.



Ann Clark, Ph.D. is the director of The Michael Newton Institute, and talks about insights gained from life-between-lives hypnotic regressions.




by Betty J. Kovacs, Ph.D.

This book returns us to our shaman-mystic-scientist heritage that carries the blueprint for heart consciousness.  This blueprint is revealed in the heart wisdom of the mystic and in the new science of quantum physics.  We all need that message.  



by Tricia Barker

Tricia was a senior at U of Texas, an agnostic, when a massive head-on collision and ensuing surgery freed her from her body.  Nearby, Tricia saw two 9-foot tall angels guiding the surgeon’s hands.  One said, “You’re going to be okay.  We’re here to help you.”  What happened will hold you spell-bound.



by Rev. Karen E. Herrick, Ph.D.

Her research and discoveries about the bodily channels of psychic energy we all possess is one of best around and the easiest to read.  Both Dr. Herrick and I discovered that the vagus nerve is the physical component to the Silver Cord at about the same time - working separately.  My results on this are in my book, The Forever Angels


Ram Dass died just before Christmas. 
More about this next month.



Image by Anders Mohlin/Flickr, © All Rights Reserved.

On the day when the weight deadens on your shoulders, and you stumble, may the clay dance to balance you.

And when your eyes freeze behind the grey window, and the ghost of loss gets in to you, may a flock of colours, indigo, red, green, and azure blue come to awaken in you a meadow of delight.

When the canvas frays in the canoe of thought, and a stain of ocean blackens beneath you, may there come across the waters a path of yellow moonlight to bring you safely home.

May the nourishment of the earth be yours, may the clarity of light be yours, may the fluency of the ocean be yours.  And so may a slow wind work these words of love around you, an invisible cloak to mind your life.


We are all children of God, of Spirit, and we inherit the grace and courage and wisdom of all who have come before.  We have been given a precious and potent gift. We must reclaim the richness of being alive.


When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.

Do not fear change, even radical change.
Do not shy away from ballot boxes
because the results may anger you.  
Change the way you live now.  
Be smart.  Be open. Be flexible.
Be willing to live your faith.  ~PMH


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