Miracle Baby, Pros and Cons of WiFi Electronics, Millennium Children, & More

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The book Proof of Heaven honestly and effectively portrays the near-death experience of Eben Alexander III, M.D. His case has been mentioned several times in this newsletter. I was one of the near-death researchers he turned to, and I have interviewed him at length. I can personally verify that what happened to him, although unique in its medical components, was typical of such experiences – what it consisted of and how he responded to it – including the pattern of aftereffects which he now displays. I have no hesitation, then or now, in presenting Dr. Alexander as an honest, loving, and caring individual, who has done his best to share the elements of his close brush with death, how medically "at the edge" he was, the near-death episode that filled and expanded his world, his recovery, and the reason he feels he survived. . . to share the message of an afterlife with others around the world. His sense of mission is strong. Like so many of us, though, he crossed paths with a staff writer for a magazine who misquoted him and failed to thoroughly check out what appeared to be facts. The result was a magazine article printed in Esquire Magazine that defamed him in ways that have been difficult at first to counter. Clearly, there seems to be a case of fraud here, or at least of an author who did not do all the fact-checking that could and should have been done. If you are interested in the truth in this matter and how the Esquire author "goofed," please access this link for a complete and accurate accounting of the real facts.


The article reads: "Baby girl pronounced dead at birth 'comes back to life' three hours later after being left on hospital chapel's altar." 'Tis true. Happened in Londrina, south Brazil, dated July 22. This article, as you might guess, made headlines in countless newspapers. The baby, named Yasmin Gomes by her mother and father, was born in Lincoln Gracia Hospital, and pronounced dead shortly thereafter and put in a box. The attending nurse could not accept the idea of taking the child to a morgue, so she placed the box on the altar in the hospital chapel. When the grieving grandmother arrived with a mortician three hours later, the baby suddenly kicked one of her legs, then opened her eyes. To see the baby (she is beautiful) and hear more about the story, access both the Facebook version and that of newspaper coverage. You can't help but wonder - did this child have a near-death experience? So many near-death cases emerge from birth trauma that this is a worthy question. We may never know. . . .still. . . . 



Meghan Neal did some research and discovered that some artists were busy trying to imagine the size, shape, and color of WiFi signals and what they would actually look like throughout the environment. Among the artists she contacted was Nickolay Lamm, a blogger for Working with astrobiologist M. Browning Vogel, Ph.D. - an expert in the science behind wireless technology - Lamm created a series of images that are in-your-face-striking-awesome-and-almost-frightening-to-those-with-electrical- sensitivity. What follows are five renditions, all done in the Washington, D.C. area. For the full explanation of what you are actually seeing, go to . This at least gives us an indication what all of us now walk through, drive through, and live in, in today's world.


The same day I received news about how WiFi can be pictured as it spreads across our environment, I received an article, warning "The Israeli Supreme Court Ordered the Israeli Government to Investigate the Number of Children Currently Suffering From EHS." This investigation concerns WiFi, especially in schools, and the increasing numbers of children who are becoming sick from WiFi exposure. The petition seeks to turn off all WiFi in schools throughout the country.


The petition attempts to prove the following: (1) Prove EHS is an existing illness, caused by EMFs (extremely low frequency emissions). (2) Prove that the thermal safety standard was proven false as early as 40 years ago. (3) Prove that it is unreasonable to reply on WHO (an organization investigating this), considering it is corrupt. (4) Prove that the Government's evaluation on the issue was unprofessional and negligent at best. (5) Prove how the industry intentionally misled the public.


This situation is very serious, as it concerns children in school. Objections to WiFi are spreading worldwide with a number of countries now either banning WiFi or limiting its use. The situation at hand is this: technology has now outpaced biology.


The wonders of the digital age are stunning. What the new electronics/computers/ devices/internet offer us are now so ingrained in culture, education, business, science, industry, and travel, not to mention Facebook and Twitter, that to even suggest we live without them - or tone-down the "noise" and usage - is tantamount to treason. There's no way this is going to happen. Yet, people with electrical sensitivity are being challenged in ways beyond imaging. How can you even survive if you are constantly being bombarded by electronic waves and exposure that make you ill? People, even, who were not sensitive to this energy before, are become so now that exposure has increased. The much talked about Super WiFi could be deadly. Who's investigating that?


At issue here, though, like in Israel and many other countries, is the effect on our children with excessive exposure to these energies both at school and often in their own homes, their own bedrooms. If you think this is a joke, or that I am being an over-alarmist, look at the studies being published now. They are even suggesting that the alarming increase in autism may be linked to an equally alarming exposure to increases in EMF radiation. We do know brain structure and function are changing because of this. We do know electronics can become addictive to users, child and adult. We do know the tiring and draining effect of too much exposure and usage for anyone.


I talk a lot about this in Children of the Fifth World, and I give solutions. No child should be exposed to electronic devices/computers/television before the age of two, or preferably three (except for limited periods of time). To disregard this, not have limits, has a direct effect on the child's ability to understand and use language. After that, exposure can come in increments, a little bit at a time as they age, more and more through the school years until after puberty. Once kids pass puberty, they seem able to handle these energies fairly well. Addiction, though, is always a problem. Anyone can be swept away by the magic that exists at one's fingertips in this new digital age. The price we pay is losing the emotional connection we have to each other. Love and understanding cannot be gained from a "mouse-click." Nor can our brain adjust like we think it can. The brain, especially with children, is so set up that we actually must do things, hands on, go through all the physical steps of experimenting, failing, succeeding, playing, accomplishing. There are no shortcuts in brain development. To have a healthy brain, you must have toes in the dirt. I betcha you forgot that..........


What I mean here is that the antidote to overload is nature, doing things physically in the real world. Get out the door. Walk, exercise, play, dance, explore. Make things - be that crazy inventor in the garage. Have a garden and plants things, care for them, get dirty. Prepare your meals from scratch, make beds, do chores, scrub and clean. Learn how to mend clothes by hand. Don't hit me with "I don't have time." If you don't so some of this, you may be dealing with extra doctor bills and states of depression or anger that could have been averted. Did you know that the quickest way to recenter yourself and drain off anger, irritation, stress, and other such overloads. . . is to put your hands in mud, dirt, clay, or sand - especially mud - or to work with wood? Take up "throwing clay on a potter's wheel and make a pot." Really messy with lots of wet mud. Wondrous stuff. Walk in the stuff. Pull weeds, contour your lawn, hunt for seashells, dig holes for fence posts. Muck out a horse's stall. Take up woodcarving or working with wood. Have pets. Take care of pets and that means washing up messes. Nature. That's it. To be healthy again, love your mother...........Mother Nature.


That's what Caryl Dennis calls them. Close enough. After all, generational experts use the term "Millennials" to describe kids born since around 1980/82. Caryl Dennis is a psychic, a designer, a color expert, one who works at the deathbed during crossover, a compassionate teacher about life and how to live it successfully and in a healthy manner. She's an incredibly clear and accomplished individual whom I feel privileged to call friend.


A while ago, she wrote a book called The Millennium Children: Tales of the Shift. It's an e-book now, self-published, and still very much worth reading. Here's a brief description of what's in the book:

Appearing among us are an increasing number of children with remarkable intuitive, intellectual, and physical abilities. They speak of past lives, spirit lives, "imaginary" friends, and extraterrestrials. Why are they so exceptional and how can we help them lead us into the new millennium? Caryl shares her fascinating research with these children and over 80 stories told to her by parents, grandparents, therapists, or the children themselves. She also shares her research on The Vanishing Twin Phenomenon (75% of the women diagnosed with twins only deliver one baby, 2 in 75 people actually begin life as twins), and how that relates to the Millennium Children. Also included is her unusual personal story. The Millennium Children is packed with references and resources to help a parent raise one of these children. 


Please get the Time Magazine dated July 29, 2013. Turn to pages 40-47 for the article, "The Power of the Bilingual Brain" by Jeffrey Kluger. Here's an online synopsis and link...


If you have a child, even if you just have a brain (regardless of age), read this!!!!!

MICHAEL FRIBERG FOR TIME  A group of Utah first-graders listen and read along in Mandarin


I talked about total-immersion language-education in Children of the Fifth World. And I recommended the book, Dual Language Education for a Transformed World, by Wayne P. Thomas and Virginia P. Collier, both experts in this new way to teach kids. In the magazine article, science is now able to back up the claims. What is meant by total- immersion education? The child takes classes half the day in one language (whatever was chosen), and the other half of the day in English. One cannot mix up languages during class. Let's say, morning is French. That means every spoken word that morning (including I have to go to the bathroom) must be in French. In the afternoon, only English is spoken. Total-immersion means just that.


If you educate children that way (and you can do it with adults too only they don't benefit quite as much as the younger ones), the result is nimble minds. . . that are better at reasoning, multitasking, grasping and reconciling conflicting ideas - the exact skills necessary for executive thinking. And, research now shows that bilingualism can begin before birth!!!!!!!!!!!! Beginning with the third trimester, in-utero babies learn to recognize their mothers' language rhythms. If she speaks several languages, guess who's listening? Newborns recognize their native language and can distinguish it from others. If their mother is bilingual, they recognize BOTH languages!!!!!!!!!!!!


All over Utah elementary-school students are joking and fluently speaking and singing and reading and studying in multiple languages. They are part of one of the most ambitious programs ever attempted in the United States. It began in 2009 with 1,400 students in 25 schools. By this fall there will be 20,000 students in 100 schools - or 20% of all elementary schools in the state. This started because of a grant from one man. The original group are now beginning the fifth grade, with new ones entering the program each year. The advantages of this program and how it is changing the children's brains cannot be over-emphasized. Even the advantages of multilingualism in the senior population are especially important in staving off or slowing down cognitive difficulties.


Kids in total-immersion language education grow up with two native tongues, not one, and they grow up with an understanding of multiple cultures that includes the day-to-day richness of bilingual living. Read this article!This is a Text Block. Use this to provide text...


CBS News in Richmond, Virginia, interviewed Dr. Bruce Greyson, Dr. Eben Alexander, and Wayne Hart about his own near-death experience. The program was billed "What happens when we die? Virginia researchers investigate near-death experiences." Along with the interview, the station conducted a survey. The question was "Do you believe in Life after Death? The result as of the afternoon of the survey: 601 votes yes, 82 votes no.

Please, do not miss the big, and I do mean big, near-death conference to be held in Washington, D.C. late August. REGISTER NOW. Go to The conference is sponsored by the International Association for Near-Death Studies. Yup, I'll be there - as a pre-conference workshop leader, and delivering a talk on "From Near-Death Kids to the New Kids: An Evolving World." The pre-conference workshop is titled "Getting Real: A no-nonsense look at NDEs and their aftereffects."

Cleve Backster just died. He was that incredibly curious polygraph expert who began to experiment on plants and animal cells to see if they are capable of responding to human communication. His work with such biocommunication led to the theory of "primary perception." He obtained startling and impossible findings. . . that established that plants perceive human intentions, can respond to pain as well as thought, are aware of each other and their surroundings, and much much more. Cleve's findings were immortalized in the book: The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.

We miss you Cleve. So glad you had a curious mind and did the experiments that you did. You opened the door to the fact that all things communicate with all things. We are aware of each other on some level by the very fact that we are alive.

Many blessings, PMH

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