August 2015

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You’re not going to like this, but what follows are a number of issues needing to be faced - for your sake and for mine.

We end on a high note, so, hang on. To begin with. . .

               ISIS IS DJINN


I know saying this is a shock, but, it is true and we need to face that fact.  Once we do, we can turn around the threat ISIS represents while vastly weakening its power.  Forward this material to any military sites in our country and in others.  


To explain why ISIS is really another “cover” for Djinn, some background material will help you to better understand the concept of “hidden orders of manifestation and ensoulment.”  Stories, legends, visions, myths are numerous throughout the world about the first peoples when the Earth was new and the human race was aborning.  Edgar Cayce, the most recorded (and verified) psychic in history talked a lot about the beginnings of what later became the people we now are.  He pegged the First Root Race (initial DNA group) as entering the earthplane vibration about 4.5 billion years ago.  Spiritual, free-will companions of God, these initial projections were mostly etheric shape-shifters with an intense curiosity about what was possible and what was not in the earthplane.  These “earliest of the early” were followed by the Second Root Race (about 12 million years ago), a type of lower vibration humanoids who were mostly fluid-forms  (without physical mass), androgynous, able to move in and out of existence freely - until their own passions and preferences got the best of them and they became stuck in the physicality of animal sex and plant growth.


Before you burst into riotous laughter at the silly notions just mentioned, switch over to  science and the finding that, using the Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA, you can actually trace gender. . . the first human female going back to 150,000 to 250,000 years ago, the first male to 60,000 to 100,000 years ago.  (Obviously, males are “the new kid on the block.”)  But don’t stop there.  Consider Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, which dates to about 10 to 11,000 years ago, Gunung Padang in Indonesia at 20,000 years or more. . .  both cultures advanced societies with complex architecture, design, husbandry, agriculture, mathematics, worship. . . skills that according to science were not even invented until umpteen thousands of years later. . .

THEN read such books as Forbidden Archaeology and several others of the same genre by Brad Steiger, which pushes dates back to the millions (like Cayce did). . . THEN stud CHAOS THEORY for even more mind-bending dates and facts.

(not to mention Haplotype X (blood type) which cannot be traced to ANY singular origin on this planet, yet the Basque, some Berbers, and certain other groups have it).


Today’s science does not match today’s artifacts.


Because this is true, we find ourselves scrambling back to religious and mystical  texts - especially the Bible and the Qur’an - for tales of fallen angels, Watchers, Nephilim (giants), Books of Enoch, Gnostic mysteries.  Search deep enough and sweep broadly enough and - surprise, surprise - these old stories begin to make a strange kind of sense.  So too do the warnings about evil (Devil/Satan/Lucifer) - CHRISTIAN VERSION, and evil eye (Djinn/Shadow People) - MIDDLE EAST-MUSLIM VERSION.  


I can hear your objections now. . . jinn?  Isn’t that the cute fella who lives in a magic lamp and when you rub it, out pops a genie who grants you three wishes?  Don’t believe Disney.  The name is Djinn (not genie), and according to ancient lore masters of desert lands in the Middle East, these “beings” trace back to the entries of the First and Second Root Races. . . the beginnings of beginnings. . . a strain of etheric drifters that still shape shift yet today to meet a moment’s need or to get their own way.  


Myth?  Not really.  Read The Djinn Connection by Rosemary Ellen Guiley.  Take it easy when you read it, as it’s very negative (by intention) yet very informative.  Read maybe a chapter or two, then put the book down, recenter yourself.  Later that day or another day, tackle another chapter.  Really!  Take my advice here.  I’m not fooling.  


I’ve know Rosemary for many years.  She’s an excellent researcher, knows her stuff, and cross-checks everything.  She is experienced in the field (I’ve been on one caper with her) and knows how to handle whatever occurs. I do not agree with her theory that Djinn is at the root of all evil (or Devil/Satan/Lucifer), but I do believe she has discovered connections we all need to recognize.  Her book is important.


A note from her book:  “The smokeless fire origin of Djinn may be a form of plasma, which could account for their unusual shapes, abilities, and properties.  Plasma, which contains charged particles, reacts to electromagnetic forces.  Changes in the density of plasma might account for the fluidity of Djinn forms, and the ease with which Djinn can shape-shift.  The Djinn seem to be sensitive to electromagnetic energy generated by devices and equipment.”

  • Can materialize and dematerialize at will, easily move through solid matter.
  • Prefer hilly and mountainous terrain, caves, deserts - have societies, families.
  • Are black or gray like smoke (natural form) and take on shapes like The Men in Black, Shadow People, Phantoms, Dark Figures, prefer black clothes/black flags.
  • Can suffocate, crush, attack - demand blood sacrifice, payment.
  • Crave sex, pleasure, abductions  - easily upset, will punish if not obeyed.
  • Often called “The Hidden People,” they have long lives but are not immortal.
  • Are territorial, consider themselves superior to humans, demonic tendencies.

You can trace the activities of former President Ahmadinejad in Iran to Djinn forces.  Same with Qaddafi and his soldiers.  It is commonplace in the Middle East and in similar cultures to make “deals” with Djinn.  Their magical powers are for sale and there is no shortage of customers (“we help you, you help us”).  Djinn energy can be bound to objects -  hence stories of rubbing lamps to summon them.  Anyone in North Africa, throughout all of Africa for that matter, and throughout the Middle East, know all about Djinn and they tell you Djinn’s “Evil Eye” is synonymous with death - keep away.  


If you study the tactics of ISIS (the so-called Islamic State), it is pure Djinn - not Islam.  ISIS, contrary to claims, is not a Muslim nation nor do they practice true Islam.  They enforce all of the covenants of Djinn, including dress, flags, the way they fight, how they trick young adults all over to world to rush to their aid, their videos and Facebook pages, money grabs, their rush to destroy any history but theirs, demands for blood sacrifice, female sexual slavery to produce more babies and female obedience, and their utter lust to control minds.  


Dateline 7-20-15. . . boys from the age of eight on are taught how

to behead people by beheading dolls.  There are now 100 known

camps where young children are being tortured so they will learn

how to be killers without remorse or regret.

To our military and families everywhere, the reason so many young people flock to ISIS, falling for their false claims via the Internet, is because ISIS appeals to a need for “mission.”  Young people today are born hard-wired to make a difference in the world.  That sense of mission, to be a crusader in a great cause, over-powers rationale, explanations, voices of caution. You counteract the claims of ISIS/Djinn by showing the hollowness of the horror they cause.  Follow with videos of sustainability measures, bioengineering, voting rights, fair tax structures, 21st century education, altruism, the creativity and innovation that comes from incentives - the difference even kids can make. You must SHOW this !!!   


More, but this time at the Home Front -

    THE DARK ACT.  In a startling victory for Monsanto, the United States House of Representatives, against enormous public and industry outcry, just passed H.R. 1599 - widely known as the “Deny Americans the Right to Know Act.”  This decision comes despite the opposition of over 300 farmers, environmental and consumer groups who opposed the bill in a letter to Congress, not to mention disapproval from the National Farmers Union, America’s second largest farming organization.  Don’t forget that 93% of respondents in a 2013 New York Times poll were also supportive of mandatory labeling for genetically engineered food.



    Yet, despite this, House members decided to push through the “mother of all Monsanto protection acts,” which will invalidate the existing mandatory GMO labeling laws in any state - like the one in Vermont - and preempt any future state from making federal GMO bans and labeling laws.  (Notice from Carolanne Wright,


This act ensures the fulfillment of the Second Homogenocene since the time of the dinosaurs.  The first was caused by Christopher Columbus when he set foot in the Western Hemisphere five centuries ago.  Read 1493 by Charles C. Mann, especially pages 202/203, or read Children of the Fifth World.  A homogenocene is the mixing of unlike substances to create a uniform blend.  This Second Homogenocene I believe was caused by Monsanto, and other chemical companies like them, who moved forward with a goal of modifying the DNA of certain crops, that will, in time, change the chemical codes of every living thing. No one can stop what has been started.  On the positive side, after the die-offs from what Columbus initiated, the Modern Age emerged.  Whatever comes from GMOs, One World will result.  Positive or negative?  Only time will tell.  So far, what we’ve seen is more negative than positive.  Countries smarter than the U.S. are banning GMOs outright.  The key to a positive outcome?  DIVERSITY !!!



             A FRACKING NIGHTMARE.’s-killing-the-babies-of-vernal-utah-20150622


    According to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., 200 of the most politically active businesses in the United States spent $5.8 billion on federal lobbying and campaign contributions between 2007 and 2012.  In return, the study found, these companies received an incredible $4.4 trillion in federal support for businesses over the same period - meaning every dollar they spent earned them more than $700.  “American elections are the most lucrative investment you can make.”

    Jurriaan Kamp, of the Intelligent Optimist Magazine, interviewed Kennedy in the Spring of 2015.  Refer to pages 53 and 55 in that issue for all manner of tidbits - like - China and Russia (both dictatorships) are terrible polluters.  And - if you have a financial system controlled by a few large players - you’re going to tend to see the political systems devolve into plutocracy.  But - “If you have an economic system in which there are millions of participants with solar panels on their roofs and windmills in their gardens, the political system will reflect that.  Sustainable energy is good for democracy.”

We are either part of the solution or we are part of the problem.  Get involved at the ground in local government, council meetings, voter reforms, running for office, medical and hospital changes, turning vacant lots into gardens.

Here’s some other solutions:


Altruism:  The Power of Compassion

French Buddhist Monk Matthieu Ricard tells us that the biggest problem of our time is ego-centricity.  Everything evolves around the ego, around the self, around self-

satisfaction, and in particular around possessions. Not because people are born that way, but because it is instilled in them by their parents and by those around them. Ricard defines altruism (or compassion) as the desire to stimulate the happiness of others and relieve their suffering.  After years of research, he concluded that altruism is the key to solving the social, economic, and ecological crises of our times.  

    Science of Mind Magazine

Read this little digest-sized magazine every day.  It is the best spiritually uplifting magazine I have ever come across.  In the August 2015 issue is a story about the

famous priest, scientist, poet, paleontologist, and mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.  It was written by Christine M. Tracy, and focused a lot on Jean Houston, the visionary philosopher, who, when 14, took regular walks with this man not knowing who he was.  Teilhard believed evolutionary forces brought constant change to all living things and that everything evolved toward a greater complexity and spiritual unity:  an Omega Point.  The present chaos - war, pain and death - is “but the labor pains of a new Earth and humanity coming into finished form.  The Universe is demanding the birth of the ‘ultra-human.’  We are being called to a far higher order, and yet we often act from a tiny portion of ourselves. . . . Exterior shocks are indispensable to force individuals out of their natural laziness and set routines. . . to periodically break the collective frameworks that imprison them.”  “What would we do without our enemies?” he asks.  “Do the smallest thing in a great way.  We must add one stitch, no matter how small it be, to the magnificent tapestry of life.”  (Order here or contact 1-800-247-6463 to subscribe to the Magazine.)


Let me repeat part of what he said:  “What would we do without our enemies?”

Evil is the power within us to deviate from our best good, to blind ourselves from that greater light that forgives, empowers, uplifts.


is a near-death experiencer who wrote a very special article. It is entitled “When Did I Stop Believing That God is a Name for an Old White Man in the Sky?  How Did That Affect Me?”


You can read her article here.

She wrote this after reading an article called “SPIRIT WRITING” written by Carolyn Pogue that appeared in The United Church Observer.  To do Spirit Writing, Pogue encourages folks to:  

  1. Use the bathroom and unplug the phone;
  2. While the tea or coffee is heating up, find a fast pen and notebook - turn off your computer;
  3. Pour your drink and get comfortable;
  4. Choose one of 15 questions you ask yourself;
  5. Set the stove timer for 10 minutes;
  6. Sit and write as quickly as you can - don’t edit, just go - follow your spirit wherever it takes you; and
  7. Remember that your Grade 4 teacher will not mark this - you are free!

After reading this August newsletter, I’m certain you have a lot of feelings swirling around inside of you.  Pick one and write about it.  See what your spirit self, the soul within you, has to offer you.

Webinar about the Near-Death Conference September 3-6

         Be amazed at what human beings

really are, and how we can change.


Here’s the webinar


     One of the best things that ever happened to me was the long walk I took “on the dark side” of life when so many people opposed my research and turned my life into a living hell - with constant attacks against my “sanity,” my findings, and my right to do what I was doing, forcing my husband and myself into near-bankruptcies several times.  Forgiveness rituals made no difference.  Kindness changed nothing.  Finally I woke up and realized the only thing I could ever change. . . was myself.  Quietly, without fanfare, I doubled, sometimes tripled, the amount of research I was doing, and did it better.  Criticisms decreased to a “soft roar;” recognition and awards followed.  Some people are actually buying my books.  Nice!

Folks, seeds germinate in darkness. Babies in the womb form in darkness. All that is good and wonderful and magic begins with a single hought that feels its way through darkness to light. If we can’t make peace with darkness, take advantage of what it would teach us, then the light we think we find will eventually betray us. – PMH

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