Latest information on the Zone K Area Parking Permit Program in Portland, OR
Zone K
Area Parking Permit Program
Portland, Oregon

Hello Zone K Permit Holders and Interested Parties,
We have received the results of the survey of Zone K permit holders regarding the proposed changes in hours and days to be covered by permits. The response rate was almost 50% of those surveyed. Over 74% of respondents supported amending the hours to add one hour per day and to add Saturday to the times that require displaying a permit to stay longer than 2 hours.
The Committee has discussed the proposal and the response from the survey. We think this change will continue to cut down on commuter parking in the Zone K Area Parking Permit (APP) and free up parking spaces for residents, employees, customers, and visitors. 
The Zone K APP Parking Committee has sent a letter to the Portland Bureau of Transportation, Parking Operations, requesting the change in hours and requesting that new signs be installed.
Traffic Enforcement has indicated that they will be able to enforce these hours in the Zone K APP with current resources and will do so after a period of time to allow the new signs to be installed, read and understood.
We want to thank all the respondents to the survey and thank everyone for their input into this process and decision.
Safe and convenient parking to all – residents, employees, customers, and visitors.
Zone K APP Parking Committee
Alan Costley
Bill Stevens
Dave Kibben
Mary Ann  Pastene
Rich Durant

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