Parking Zone K Update
October 2013
October 1, 2013 
Hello Zone K Area Parking Permit holders
In December 2012 the Portland City Council approved the Northwest District Parking Plan (NWPP). By near consensus, the stakeholders in Zone K opted to not become a part of the planned NWPP. We chose instead to remain an independent Permit Parking Area.  Since then, we adjusted the permit hours for the first time in twelve years and now have enforced limits of two hours without permit six days a week, Monday through Saturday, from 7 AM to 7 PM.  However, we also committed to monitoring the adjustments and implementation of the new Northwest District wide plan and to respond to changes in parking conditions.  Here’s an update.
As mentioned, the Northwest District Parking Plan (NWPP) was passed by City Council in December 2012. Since then Portland has a new elected Mayor, Charlie Hales, who appointed newly elected City Commissioner Steve Novick to be in charge of the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT). Leah Treat was hired as the new director of PBOT. Plans have been moving forward to put the NWPP into action. In July two resolutions regarding NWPP were passed by the Portland City Council. The first resolution replaced the TMA with Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG), and changed the permit zones, times limits, and metered areas.  The second resolution eliminated the phased implementation schedule. A video of the July 31 City CounciI meeting can be viewed here. The resolutions can be viewed here.
We have had a number of discussions with city staff from PBOT and some participants in the negotiations of these changes. Here are some of the new elements of the NWPP:
  1. The entire area covered by the NWPP will have Parking Permits issued to residents and employees and much of the area will be ‘meter authorized’.
  2. The retail core streets in Northwest (21st & 23rd) will have meters from Burnside Street to Vaughn street. Meter time limits will be a mix of four hour and some short stay high turnover two hour meters. Permit holders will not be exempt from paying for meters in commercial area.
  3. Residentially designated streets from 18th to 25th and Burnside to Vaughn will have four hour time limit meters with one 30 minute short stay non-metered space per block face. Permit holders will be exempt from paying for meters in the residentially designated area except the short stay spaces.
  4. Area Permit Program (Zone M) will be from 18th to 25th and from Burnside to Vaughn. Zone K (16th to 18th and Burnside to Northrup) is not included in Zone M.
  5. Meters will initially be installed in the commercial core (Burnside to Vaughn on 21st and 23rd), Irving to Pettygrove, 20th to 24th, and in the ‘Event Overlay District’ (Burnside to Irving, 18th to Westover). The installation of meters is expected to start mid 2014 and to be completed by the end of the year. Parkers will be directed to pay to park at the meters. Meters will be programmed to explain time limits. Hopefully, no more confusing, inaccurate, or out of date event parking signage.
  6. Management of the Zone M Area Parking Permit Program (APPP) and the meters and revenues will be done by PBOT with the advice of a Stakeholders Advisory Group (SAG). The SAG will be appointed by the Commissioner in charge of Transportation (currently Steve Novick) and will advise the PBOT Director. Decisions will be made by PBOT.
Some comments on these changes and potential impacts:
1.    Meters are authorized throughout the NW Parking Plan area and Zone K is included in the ‘authorized area’.
2.    Meters will initially be installed on 21st and 23rd   from Burnside to Vaughn Street and also in the residential areas between Burnside and Irving Street from 20th to 24th. Several years may pass before we know the impact of the new APPP and, of meters, on Zone K.
3.    Residential and commercial development within Zone K may have more immediate impact on availability of on street parking in the K APPP.
4.    Zone M parking permits will not apply in Zone K. Likewise, Zone K permits will not exempt K cars from paying meters anywhere in Zone M.
5.    Permit holders in Zone K have already begun to speculate about the impacts of the NWPP on Zone K and general availability of parking. We have the potential of having our APP surrounded by metered parking and there have been some calls for Zone K to add meters.
6.    Meters will not be installed everywhere they are ‘authorized’. However, meters will not be installed in Zone K unless requested by Zone K. There are some ‘authorized’ areas of the CBD from 1960’s authorization that do not have meters today. Most of Northwest north of Lovejoy may be years away from meters, depending on Conway development. 
The Zone K Parking Committee will continue to monitor changes in on street parking in the Zone K APPP and the areas surrounding. We will attempt to keep K permit holders informed of changes and impacts. Thanks for your patience while seeking a parking spot.
Zone K Area Parking Committee