June 27, Wednesday
Mount Stewart, PE
Trailside Cafe

June 28, Thursday
Halifax, NS
The Company House

June 29, 30 & July 1
Canso, NS
Stan Rogers Folk Festival

July 6 - 8, Fri - Sun
Orillia, ON
Mariposa Folk Festival

Howdy Folks,

On the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812 where the US tried to take over Canada I have decided, as a gesture of harmony,  to become a Canadian as well as an American citizen.  This means taking a test to ensure that I have adequate knowledge about my new country of citizenship.  What do you think is the most important thing to know about Canada?  Post your pithy answers on my Facebook page to help encourage me in my quest for knowledge about the Great White North.
Aside from pretending I am a student again, I am excited because I am going to the Maritimes to PEI, Halifax and Canso at the end of June.  It was at Stan Fest in Canso where I kissed my Hubby-to-be for the first time 11 years ago .  Picture a bucket of mussels, a flask of scotch, some penny whistles, some army barracks and the starry Nova Scotia skies.  Romantic, ain't it?

I also am embarking on a new record called Namedropper.  I will be singing songs written for the album by cool songwriter friends of mine like Ron Sexsmith, Royal Wood, Old Man Luedecke, Justin Rutledge, Luke Doucet, Melissa McClelland, Jim Cuddy (if he gets it written in time) and maybe Joel Plaskett  (if we bug him enough), Jay Harris, Rueben de Groot, Jory Nash and others.  My dear friend Jim Bryson (also a gem of a songwriter) is producing it.  Demos start this month so stay tuned for more namedropping in the months to come!

 Ok, now get off the computer and have a mojito.

Oh Susanna