Tulum Update
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An Update on Tulum & Oaxaca
Dear Partners and Friends,

As you may have heard, there has been some recent events affecting Tulum and travelers to the area over ongoing land disputes. On Friday, there were evictions of 16 hotels and restaurants, shops, homes and undeveloped pieces of land. While there are many missing details that are not being shared about the situation, our priority as always are your clients -- our travelers in Mexico.

Fortunately, we only work closely with one out of the 16 properties evicted, and had no guests there at the time. We've checked with all of our Tulum hotel partners for a status update, and we've been assured that their paper work is in order, and they will not have any surprise eviction notices. 

Our local team in Cancun is monitoring the situation very carefully and they have a contingency plan in place should any of our Tulum visitors be affected. 

Some of the establishments purportedly impacted are: Hotel Morena del Mar, Villa las Estrellas, Hotel Iguana Blue, Hotel Uno Astrolodge, Cabañas El Caracol, Hotel Azúcar, Bahlam, Hotel Parayso, Coqui Coqui, Casa Privada Cocodrilo, Hotel Latente Rose, Hotel Pico Beach, Hotel Ak’iin, Casa Géminis, Hotel Samasati, Belha, Shambala Petit, and Restaurant El Hongo.

We also understand that there has been sensationalized international news surrounding the strike in Oaxaca that took place last Sunday, June 19th. As with Tulum, we are monitoring the situation very carefully with our local team. The city has been calm and undisturbed since Monday and is not impacting our guests in anyway. 

If you would like more information or support, contact us at
The Journey Mexico Team
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