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Business Accelerator Program Sucess Story
The powerful Business Accelerator Program is set to begin on Wednesday, April 3rd. This proven program provides professional coaching, relevant business training, accountability, and peer support to empower business owners to follow their concrete plan toward revenue growth. The easy-to-understand program curriculum includes several classes each on personal foundation, knowing your numbers, marketing fundamentals, and building your teams.
Who better to tell you about the program than a current participant? Below you can read about what current Business Accelerator Program participant Karen Tenenbaum of Karen J. Tenenbaum, PC has to say about her experience.
Business Accelerator Program Success Story: Karen Tenenbaum

When Karen entered the Business Accelerator Program last September, she had what she considered to be a successful tax law firm. They had been in business for 16 years, and had a staff of four attorneys and several administrators.  Karen and her practice have benefited in two major areas since beginning the Business Accelerator Program. One, she was able to focus on a different aspect of her business each week. Two, she was able to follow a dream of empowering others financially.
“Prior to the program, my firm had many systems and procedures in place and we were doing reasonably well at marketing. However, the program helped me focus on one aspect of the business each week, leading to more precise and defined systems and procedures.”  Karen’s practice as a whole has also been working on accountability, and the team is currently creating a marketing plan. “Together with our reworked systems and procedures, I believe this will lead to revenue growth and a more enjoyable workplace.”
The fact that the program is conducted as a teleclass means each group will have participants from all over the country, something Karen initially saw as a negative. “I quickly learned that diverse locations and businesses created interactions and exposed me to perspectives I would never have considered. Comments from my coach (group leader) and other participants aided in moving my business and related projects forward at a faster pace.” One of these related projects was Walter the Vault, an animated character that helps get young children excited about saving money.  “Having been a practicing attorney for over 30 years, I saw first-hand the financial trouble people seemingly got themselves into. This inspired my interest in teaching others about money, and I knew teaching youngsters would be the way to go.”  Karen raves about the support she received during the creation of this new portion of her business from her coach (group leader), and especially her program buddy.
“As a result of participation in the program, I have grown at a much accelerated pace, created a more enjoyable workplace, and a way to empower others financially.” In addition, Karen’s firm has also been getting more publicity and media attention. Karen praises the quality and abundance of materials included in this program and says, “I would highly recommend the Business Accelerator Program to anyone who has a business and wants it to run smoothly and grow.”

Like Karen, many of our participants experience revenue growth, gain a sense of satisfaction and work less hours as a result of the program. If you are a business owner what results would you like to experience?

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