Household chores might be an unusual topic for a Tantric newsletter but if you're still fighting over who does what then sex is off the agenda...
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Can Household Chores ever be Foreplay?

woman asleep in laundryWell, housework certainly is foreplay if you have a young family!

Ask any tired parent.

Who makes the bed can be indicative of how much action happens in it! 

Did you know that one of the most frequent things that couples fight about is still the division of household chores? Even in this age of greater equality, often with both partners working, this little old gem can cause some angst.

It’s important to realise that even if you think of domestic chores as somehow ‘less important’ than the bigger ticket items between you, things like who makes breakfast for the kids or mows the lawns can either be a gigantic energy drain, or a vital and supportive energy source in your on

Sexuality of the Heart:
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A safe yet fun & inspiring space to learn the skills of relating in intimacy and sexuality. Learn to navigate the challenges of communicating in relationship. Discover more of the pleasure you are capable of. Understand much more about yourself and your relationship to what you see as divine...
unhappy couple in bed

Mismatched Libido's
It’s one of the most common challenges we hear about in relationship

It’s a very frustrating, relationship and even soul destroying issue.

The surprising thing is, both people are wanting the same thing. We've been conditioned to think it's more different than it really is. We show you how here

If you want to resolve it from a purely sexual angle read about mismatched libidos and what to do about them in the pursuer/avoider cycle

If you suspect maybe it's not actually about the sex but it's being played out here read about What if Sex isn't the Problem?

If you want to go deeper and really nail this sucker (and change your life whilst you’re at it) check out the powerful idea of Reverse Polarity.

The Power of Yoni Workshop 
Nov 10-14 2016

Come and join Annette in a loving and inspiring journey on what it is to be woman in a way that is fun, juicy, self loving and empowered. 4 1/2 unforgettable days just for you...
Talk to us for all things relationship- whether it be relationship with your partner, your sexuality, yourself, or your life! It is not worth it to stay in suffering and miss out on what is possible. Is it challenging to do so? Can be. Is it scary? Can be. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Will we be real with you? Absolutely!
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