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Coming together...


Two people scaling the heights of their sexual pleasure reaching the ultimate peak of togetherness by ‘coming’ at the same time...supposed to be the holy grail (nice, bit of an ego trip really...)

That’s not the coming together we’re talking about here.

We’re actually talking about something even more important.
resuscitation technique but something equally life sustaining:

ATTENTION, BREATH & CONNECTION- The No. 1 technique to transform your relationship
-The coming together of your own mind and body!

Much of the time we walk around disconnected from ourselves only half alive, half head on fireavailable, living in our heads with facts more highly valued over feelings. Our culture supports and validates this way of being. We cram more and more information in our heads from so called experts external to ourselves but what are we actually doing with it?

Living this way we’re disconnected from the reality of our physical form, as well as our feeling and other subtle realms, whether you believe in them or not, that help create the magic in relationship. It leads us to THINK our feelings rather than authentically FEEL them. happy couple Feelings are not facts but they are an important part of our communication system and the juice in life and relationships.

For what are happiness, joy, love, connection, excitement, freedom, peace, ease, relaxation, pleasure and bliss etc but feelings??
Plus not only missing out on experiencing authentic feelings this disconnection inside of us makes it harder to know who WE are AND how to really connect with another.

This simple ABC practice is about coming into union with YOURSELF.
Find out how here


The Power of Yoni Workshop March 19-22 with Annette

Some happy participant feedback-

"Life Changing! So blessed to have been able to find and love my true self again! And on a much deeper level after having been lost for so many years. I felt so safe. Would definitely recommend it." Nicola QLD
sensual woman
"I came wanting to find love and happiness. To feel like a worthy human being and wanting it to be ok. I leave here finding this love in myself and found it through the strength of my raw sexuality.  Thankyou." Nicole QLD

"If as a woman you want some positive gains and support to navigate your direction then this workshop is worth every moment. Annette was knowledgeable, and giving, it helped me immensely!" Kristina QLD 

"Very supportive with the right amount of challenge and support. I feel inspired with a greater connection to self healing." Alice NSW

Join us for the next Power of Yoni Event dates at right!

Bali Couples Retreat


Ecstasy & Intimacy April 23-30th 2015

One place left, is it yours??

Power of Yoni 1 Weekend for Women


On the weekend of the Dark Moon, over 3 1/2 power packed days let go of all the rules about who you think you should be and join us in exploring the essence of who you are as woman!
womans face

Power of Yoni 2 Weekend for Women

Over 4 days culminating at the Full Moon discover and harness a Divine Love of self through exploring your sexuality, finding deep connection, compassion and freedom within you.

24-27th Oct 2015

Becoming a Tantric Lover Online Course

Check it out here

Ever wondered what it takes to be a world class lover, without having to have your own 'red room of pain' as in 50 Shades of Grey?
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