Do you think your feelings rather than actually feel them? Feelings don't happen in our heads...
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Lovemaking Discovery Day Sun August 14TH

  • Spend a day discovering the magic of making love...
  • Learn the secrets to finding your YES! in the bedroom
  • Whilst keeping your clothes on
  • In a fun yet respectful space
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You Can't Do Relationships In Your Head

man and woman in relationship
Like it or not intimate relationships involve a lot of feeling. 

And how you manage them is a vital factor in the health of your relationship.


In the beginning we’re willing to embrace these feelings as they’re mostly a cocktail of all things wonderful. Even fear seems like nervous anticipation, anger close to passion and needs somehow feel like desire. Over time as we get a bit more real in the relationship (hopefully) we let our warts show and a greater range of feelings come to the surface.

(Annette says she has been told it is a positive sign of intimacy if your beloved allows themselves to fart in your presence) (Not that women fart at all of course!).

Emotional Intelligence

If we lack the emotional intelligence to deal with these feelings as they become more uncomfortable, we judge them as wrong. In order to manage them we focus on our intellect instead of the discomfort, making elaborate mental rationalizations about our feelings, the situation, our partner and/or ourselves because while we are thinking we’re not feeling...and we're getting further away from our partner as we do on

Is Pornography Becoming An Addiction?...

One pathway in Beating Pornography Addiction is by introducing Tantra into your life.

Porn impacts because it lures the watcher into a false world of images that are devoid of human contact and ultimately impossible to fully satisfy. Without making the porn wrong Tantra shows you what real satisfaction can be. Read on  

The Longest But Most Worthwhile Journey: 
From The Head To The Heart


Our heart is a mechanical pump that pumps oxygenated blood & nutrients through the body in order to keep us alive. How can it be a tool for relationship?

Energetically, intuitively, psychologically and emotionally your heart is a whole other organ. It’s seen as the centre of love, courage, wisdom, gratitude, forgiveness, the union of the inner masculine and feminine with its own heart communicationunique brand of intelligence and communication.  And it's powerful beyond measure. This more typically eastern way of viewing the heart is today being backed up by western science through studies done by, amongst others, the HeartMath Institute who say that ‘Heart intelligence underlies cellular organization and guides and evolves organisms toward increased order, awareness and coherence of their bodies’ systems’

We see the heart as an important part of creating inspired, magical relationship, whether you believe it's more than just a pump at this stage or not...

What is your relationship to your own heart? Care to find out?  Read on here

Tantric Practice Night For Couples in Brisbane 
We've had enquiries from couples already exploring what Tantric Practice means to them and their relationship, who are also interested in leaning, sharing about and validating their experiences with others in this very unique place in a facilitated evening or 1 day format. Ph 1800 TANTRA or email here
The Power of Yoni Workshop 
Nov 10-15 2016

Come and join Annette in a loving and inspiring journey on what it is to be woman in a way that is fun, juicy, self loving and empowered. 4 1/2 unforgettable days just for you...
Talk to us for all things relationship- whether it be relationship with your partner, your sexuality, yourself, or your life! It is not worth it to stay in suffering and miss out on what is possible. Is it challenging to do so? Can be. Is it scary? Can be. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Will we be real with you? Absolutely!
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