Men- Is sex starting to feel too hard, or would you like to have as much pleasure as your lover seems too?

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Men: Is your sex life boring?


Do you somehow feel like you’re missing out of something? Like there should be more to sex than this? Maybe your orgasms and/or erections aren’t as enjoyable or reliable as they used to?

Especially if you’re with a woman who is writhing in multi orgasmic waves of pleasure as you hold back to watch her with joy and more than a little envy?

Does it seem like the results with new toys, extra porn and even a little BDSM are disappointing despite all the hype?

Well, don’t despair all is not lost, there is much more available for you than you are currently loversexperiencing if you choose.  You too can glimpse the infinite world of pleasure and even ecstasy that are like glimpsing into the 100 billion galaxies reported by NASA to exist in the universe. Sex will never be boring again...

And the first step is simply claiming more of your own pleasure. Not just in those final few seconds but only right from the beginning, but the whole way through, and with intensity of pleasure way beyond your wildest dreams... You are so good at giving and being there for your lover but it is no longer your job to simply wait until they’ve had their share.    Why not join in?

Ejaculation for the man has long been viewed as the natural completion of Man with water shooting out of hosesex, his biological need to release sperm in order to procreate and the pleasure that came with it was automatic. So in this way man’s sexual pleasure has been covert, unlike a woman whose sexual pleasure is largely separate to her ability to procreate, he hasn’t yet had to learn to cultivate it. 

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Depression: Making light of it...

Man depressedMaking "light" of depression is not as easy as it sounds…

There is a huge amount of information available about this and related topics and if your feeling slightly overwhelmed by it all, this Youtube link may help.

The most important step is to start doing something about it, and any step is important. Small steps are good and finding support for yourself during your journey is important. Oztantra can offer you experienced and practical support for you in your everyday life in working through this in a way that is positive and creative.

If you do nothing else, watch this Link to a Ted talk by Stephen llardi, which Dark pool of depressionI believe is hugely relevant to any body who is or may know some one who is susceptible. By following this link will also give access to other Youtube video's of similar topics. This can be a very important source of quality free information.

This link is to an article that was recently published about a small part of my journey through depression.

Graeme from Oztantra
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Date Night For Couples in Brisbane July 1st 2015
Join us for this seriously fun new offering to add some extra spring to your relationship! 

Power of Yoni 1 Weekend for Women


On the weekend of the Dark Moon, over 3 1/2 power packed days let go of all the rules about who you think you should be and join us in exploring the essence of who you are as woman!
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16-19th July 2015

Bali Couples Retreat


Ecstasy & Intimacy Oct 3rd-10th 2015


"This course was unquestionably a well thought-out process that led to me uncovering and discovering aspects about myself that allowed me to create a richer, more intimate relationship with my beautiful wife, how to increase my orgasmic levels of enjoyment and processes and honouring rituals which we are using and enjoying." Ross WA

womans face

Power of Yoni 2 Weekend for Women

Over 4 days culminating at the Full Moon discover and harness a Divine Love of self through exploring your sexuality, finding deep connection, compassion and freedom within you.

24-27th Oct 2015
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