Did you know that men can feel just as icky around an emotionally demanding woman as a woman can feel about a guy acting sleazy?...
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What is going on in Trust between Men and Women?

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Trust is something that goes hand in hand with love.

In love and the shared pleasure that is part of it we give our trust and believe we will receive it in return...

Over time in relationship, because we're human, we experience moments of this trust not being lived up to that make it harder to keep offering and believing in it. Feeling and expressing the feelings found within this and freeing ourselves through forgiveness allows us to reopen and trust once more.

Yet trust between men and women has some unique challenges.

We have found there is one area of trust between male and female partners that shows up again and again. This is the challenge for women to trust men in sex and for men to trust women with their feelings. We see them as two sides of the same coin, a fear of being vulnerable in each, made worse by a lack of understanding, skill and empathy.

Women can easily relate to the feeling the feeling of ‘ickyness’ that arises in her when a man she doesn’t want comes on to her sexually. Less understood is that men have a similar response to a woman who demands that he opens up to her emotionally. It is in sex and emotion that men and women most miss each other. We look at why here... on

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We’re always too tired to have sex…

What can we do about it?

Statistics say that long term couples are working harder and having less sex than ever before.  This is due, at least in part, to the type of sex people believe is required- an exhausting huff and puff performance. It’s not particularly tempting, especially last thing at night and can easily degenerate into the scratching of an itch and a release of tension more than any kind of fulfilling pleasure or meaningful connection. Eventually even scratching the itch becomes too hard.

Making a shift from sex where you relax at the end to one where you relax at the beginning and allow the pleasure to arise from within is a whole different ballgame (if you’ll pardon the pun!)

Our sexual desire and pleasure is also about much more than just what happens in bed. It’s about how we’re caring for ourselves outside of the bedroom, because energy for sex is the same as energy for life. How stressed and tired we are, how disconnected we might be from our partners, emotionally shut down, working in jobs we don’t particularly like or doing very long hours, with no time for relaxation or anything creative, possibly resulting in a lack of exercise, a poor diet or excess alcohol impact on our energy for sex. Not to mention the use of common medications such as those for high blood pressure, anti depressants and more that also lower our libido…

So there are two things you can look at in regards to being too tired for sex- what’s happening in the rest of your life that’s draining your energy and leaving you too tired for sex? And what kind of sex are you having? The kind that’s all about the release of tension (that actually drains your energy further) or an exchange of energy that is connecting, rejuvenating and inspiring…

The surprising thing is, both people are wanting the same thing. We've been conditioned to think it's more different than it really is. We show you how here

If you suspect maybe it's not actually about the sex but it's being played out here read about What if Sex isn't the Problem?

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