Sometimes you can either choose to be right or to be happy...

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The Duel of Two Truths...

So often in a relationship we get to a place of  â€˜I’m right’ so you ‘must be wrong’

And there is only one way for it to end up from here...
gunslingers in a duel

With each person in their opposing corners, pistols drawn and one body about to hit the floor.

The real truth of the matter is that we can either be right in our relationships, or we can be happy, but not always both.

Nb. And we've included a little game at the end of this post that will show you how being right can have little to do with the actual truth and more to do with the attachment of your Ego, making it easier to drop it.

A fabulous relationship skill is to understand that in relationships there is usually more than one truth. It is not simply a case of right and wrong but more often a case of there being many truths. 

This is because much of the detail in relationship is subjective, being each individual’s own internal experience rather than simple concrete facts. This is where we can get lost on the merry go round of endless, pointless argument trying to be right. Instead can you challenge yourself to go a little deeper and see what might be the underlying subjective but equally valid points of view. For as human beings we are logical beings, even if it doesn’t seem that way. When we dig deep enough the reasons for our behaviour always make sense.

To play our Ego Challenge read on...

Breast Appreciation Weekbreasts

Well, if it’s not official, we’re declaring it so!

This is A Guide to Breast Appreciation for both women and the men who love them...

A Woman’s Breasts are the Pathway to her Heart 

Have you as a woman ever stopped to think about your breasts? It’s very likely that your lovers have given them some undivided attention, whether it has been in lovemaking, in that hot new outfit or as you’re brushing your teeth naked in the bathroom...
Your relationship to your own breasts is a powerful indicator of your relationship to your heart, and even to yourself.
For more read on

breastMen, know that your woman’s breasts are a gateway to her heart

And her heart is the key to her fully awakened sexuality. Let her know how much you appreciate this part of her. Tell her often how beautiful they are to you. Touch them with reverence as well as lust. Start with gentle touch around the outsides, hold and feel the weight of them in your hands,
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If you want to improve your relationship,  get onto it early.......

volcano"Imagine if you found a lump, would you get it checked out quickly or let it go?  Imagine how it would be if you let it go untreated for 6 years, you may be in some serious trouble.... The same as  couples having difficulties in their relationship, many who suffer an average of six years of  unhappiness in their relationship before getting help," says John Gottman, emeritus professor of psychology and renowned relationship expert.

The answers themselves are sometimes more challenging than “10 Tips To Save Your Marriage’ might imply, but they exist and your answers are unique to you making it not only worthwhile but exciting to discover them for yourself.

If You Desire a Successful Relationship, Then Make an Effort..

Successful relationships are determined by the degree of effort each individual brings towards resolving their own personal emotional issues and how they bring this into their relationship. Yet many couples remain stuck in suffering or fear, instead choosing to wait on average, about 6 years before seeking help.

Recent research findings on the effectiveness of couples counseling reconfirms the last two decades of research showing that seeking outside help is effective for many couples, with approximately 70% showing positive change. However for 25-30% of couples, counseling is not effective because there is just 'too much water under the bridge'.

Seek help Early...

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Bali sunset
Bali Couples Retreat


Ecstasy & Intimacy Oct 3rd-10th 2015

Final bookings being taken NOW.


think abundantly
We don't have to wait to feel love. Thinking abundantly and acting as if love is infinite helps us experience the reality.

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Date Night For Couples now in Brisbane Oct 20th &
Melbourne Oct 23rd 2015

Join the couples rushing to take a peek at the potential of their relationship through the eyes of a little Tantra! 

The Weekend Workshop is back!

Sexuality of the Heart
Weekend Workshop
Near Byron Bay
Nov 6-9 2015

Power of Yoni 1 Weekend for Women

Oct 29th- Nov 1st 2015
Are you ready to explore your essence as a woman?


Men's Focus Group Brisbane

The first Men's Focus Group 

was enthusiastically received so Graeme is offering a 2nd night for men only, to be heard, and to find answers to all their questions in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Nov 10th 2015
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The power of sound!

Our voice is a powerful part of how we express ourselves and communicate with the world. It is also a method for connecting with our inner world as to make sound our vocal chords vibrate. This vibration sets up a vibration throughout the body and has been part of enhancing sexual pleasure, physical healing and spiritual practice for centuries. For more on the power of voice and how singing changes the brain click here and how it is helping people with brain cancer here!
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