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We have a special request: We are debating whether to hold our next April 2016 Couples Retreat in QLD or in Bali. To help us make the decision please reply to this email with your preferred choice of QLD or Bali written at the top (even if you are unable to attend). Thanks!

Thinking vs Feeling 

Understanding this relationship will change your life!

torch in caveWhen we first start to look at ourselves and become more aware of what is happening inside of us it can feel a bit like a journey into madness. This journey is necessary in order to become more whole in ourselves. When we shine the torch light inside of us it is vital to learn the skills for navigating what we discover- the unlimited cornucopia of our stories and the inevitable discomfort of our feelings.

This is the way to satisfying intimate relationship and unlimited sexual pleasure! For the degree with which we are intimate with ourselves is the degree to which we can be intimate and in pleasure with another.

Most of us try to think our feelings

Though this is what most of us try to do, as a way of avoiding the discomfort of head on fireactually feeling them. As we become more and more intellectual this becomes more ‘normal’.  The problem with this is that it suppresses our authentic connection to ourselves, leaving us more anxious and fear based, more susceptible to mind generated negative thoughts and feelings.

Thinking vs Feeling

The first step is to start taking your awareness from the world around you to the world inside of you and simply notice what is happening- thinking vs feeling.

The second step is to make our feelings OK. If we’re not comfortable in our feelings we judge them as messy, painful and unnecessary. They’re certainly Home and Awayoften portrayed that way in our society, whether it’s in emotion fuelled dramas on TV or role modelled by our least favourite ‘over emotional’ relative or co worker. Emotions also get a bad rap from many spiritual philosophies that talk about the need to ‘transcend’ emotions in order to be truly 'spiritual'. Instead, we suggest accepting them and going through our feelings allows them to feel less like pain and more like aliveness on the way to truth and wholeness.

There are generally two types of feeling paths that people experience (who are often in relationship with each other!):

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New offering:

Online Relationship Coursecouple at computer

If getting away to an exotic location for a tantra course is not anywhere in your diary of possibilities we now offer you a pathway to more inspired relationship in the comfort of your own home! Click here to see

Sexuality of the Heart Weekend Workshop

Nov 6-8 2015
Near Byron Bay

An opportunity to be introduced to what Tantra can bring into your life and relationship. We show you how uniting sex and love in the one place allows you to step out of fear, shame and limitation into a place of connection and pleasure. A way to bring new life to any relationship!

Two Testimonials from our recent Couples Retreat in Bali:

''Through the workshop we were able to free ourselves of our deepest issues which were haunting our relationship and able to reconnect from a place of deep love and heartfelt connection, rather than a superficial place of ego. In short, this saved our relationship and I cannot wait for our new lives together! It's like we're in the honeymoon phase all over again but in a more authentic space. If you're considering this retreat you won't regret it, invest in your relationship potential.'
Anastasia 26yrs, NSW

My marriage of only one year was on the line. Coming to this retreat was both a no brainer and a matter of urgency. I had no idea what to expect but knew my relationship was worth it. Looking back on this intense training in such a tranquil environment it has brought to my relationship what we've always wanted and yet nothing we thought possible. Our connection, devotion and awareness, not only of one another but ourselves is a gift we will carry for the rest of our lives.' Oliver 34yrs, NSW



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Date Night For Couples now in
Melbourne Oct 23rd 

Join the couples rushing to take a peek at the potential of their relationship through the eyes of a little Tantra! 

The Weekend Workshop is back!

Sexuality of the Heart
Weekend Workshop
Near Byron Bay
Nov 6-9 2015

'I came to this course hoping to achieve deeper and more frequent orgasms and to have a deeper spiritual and sexual connection with my husband. I honoured myself as a sexual being and learnt the amazing gifts of moving sexual energy vibrations through every cell in my body, not jsut my sex centre. I gained the more expressive connection with my husband I sought. I honour you Annette & Graeme!' Stephanie,QLD

'I have finally found a place where the link between sexuality and spirituality is honoured. I feel some unexpected healing has begun for me.' Jo QLD
'Annette & Graeme do a fantastic job of making a bit of a touchy subject very open and enjoyable' Steve SA

Men's Focus Group Brisbane

The first Men's Focus Group 

was enthusiastically received so Graeme is offering a 2nd night for men only, to be heard, and to find answers to all their questions in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Nov 10th 2015
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Bali sunset

Bali Couples Retreat


Ecstasy & Intimacy
Oct 8-15 2016

Join the couples saying 'no' to relationship apathy and creating new life, love, pleasure, passion and meaning into their lives.

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