If you're exhausted in your relationship maybe it's because you're playing the role of rescuer...and read on to discover more of men's sexual potential...
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This month at Oztantra...

We've had some fun supporting couples in finding their heart-sexual connection through our recent Sexuality of the Heart Weekend, seeing them realize it is about much more than what happens in the bedroom (as great as this is!). Here are some words kindly shared by participant Grant from QLD a few days after the workshop:  
"Namaste, Namaste, Namaste...
I hope that you two truly understand the impact that you have had on me. I cannot thank you enough.
I have truly begun to return to myself and I continue to open doors each day and to look forward to the experience (good, bad, happy, angry or sad).
I have begun to hug my son each day and to “fend off” the negativity he brings into the household. It brings me into a conflicted zone, but I just go with it and focus on the connection to myself, seeking true understanding.
I am continuing to focus upon my connection to my beautiful wife... but through the connection to myself.
Each action I take is about looking within myself rather than attempting to protect myself by destroying the external. 
What a wonderful world this is. I can see how deep this can go and seek to learn more".

All we can say is, Grant you're the one taking it home and into your life, that's where the joy is, for everyone!

Are you the Rescuer in your Relationship?

couples communication over dishwasher

If you’re The Rescuer your relationship you’ll be the one who is always ‘working at it’, finding it constantly drawing your time, energy and attention.

You’ll also have the feeling your efforts are not recognized or validated by your significant other. The problem in playing the role of The Rescuer, as with any role, is that it traps you into being one dimensional and inauthentic as you’re not free to be really ‘you’. It means you’re avoiding something in yourself you don’t want to see or own, but this keeps you disempowered. It also means you’re putting your attention on one end of the see saw, keeping your relationship out of balance.... Learn how to recognize if this is your pattern and how to free yourself from it... read on

Realizing Man's Sexual Potential


We keep saying it and we will keep on saying it until it is heard-

Men's potential in sex is so much greater than most of you know.

Men, your beliefs, as they do in the rest of your life, help create your reality in sex.

Men often hold the common belief that a woman’s sexuality is a mystical and secret garden difficult to comprehend, let alone master.

When viewing their own sexuality, men tend to believe the opposite is true: that sex for them is simple, reliable and straightforward.

Believe it or not, having these beliefs is limiting your sexual satisfaction.

Other common beliefs about differences in men and women in sex are:

Women require time to warm up, to be in the mood and be ready.

Men are constantly in the mood and ready for action.

Women look for emotional connection, safety and presence.

Men only need visual and physical connection.

Women need romance, foreplay and heart connection.

Men only need a time and a place.

To realize what is holding you back from your potential read on...

Talk to us for all things relationship- whether it be relationship with your partner, your sexuality, yourself, or your life! It is not worth it to stay in suffering and miss out on what is possible. Is it challenging to do so? Can be. Is it scary? Can be. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Will we be real with you? Absolutely!
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