Retaining your relationship in the midst of becoming a parent will support you for years to come...

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Heart treeIf you've ever wondered what might be in a Bali Couples Retreat for you here  from a few of the recent participants at our April retreat:

"It has been freeing. I felt some personal restriction/reservation/doubt within myself I do not feel anymore, that other women have something that I cannot be. That mysterious restriction is gone. We are excited about the intimate connection we have"  Marie WA

"This was a truly profound and life changing week. Sharing myself, feeling understood and loved even with my challenges was hugely reassuring. To get to know myself in ways I hadn't imagined and to see my girlfriend open up and grow has been a beautiful experience" Kieran NSW

"I will never be the same again, my expectations were exceeded in a way that completely surprised and delighted me. No reflection about this week would be complete without saying how deeply grateful I am to recognize the beauty in my partner and to say this experience has awakened a desire to fall in love with him all over again." Marcie QLD

"After 23 yrs of marriage things had become unexciting, boring, normal and living everyday life with work and kids being the most important. My husband and I had lost that intimate connection. We have discovered each other again, that we hadn't really changed just lost the connection. We have now discovered the most important thing is to love yourself and put yourself first, making our relationship stronger and more intimate for the rest of our lives" Lisa SA

"I was dragged to this workshop wondering what the hell I was in for. I was very nervous from the time I agreed to halfway through the first day when I realized the other people there were no different to us. Opening up new ways of thinking about relationships I now realize I was in a partnership with my wife; now I am in a relationship with her. Learning that 99% of the time my wife's frustrations were not about me, I just happened to be there, has helped our relationship 500% in just 6 days!" Jarred QLD

Our next retreat is Oct 3-10, don't miss out...

To New Mums & Dads out there:New parents and child

Are you as new (or even newish) parents struggling to reconnect in your relationship? Perhaps you are feeling tired, uninspired with little resentments, fights or cold wars building an increasing level of distance between you no matter how much good will you want to show?
If this is you then read on here for some suggestions that will help, even if it is just knowing you're not alone....

Power of Yoni 1 Weekend for Women


On the weekend of the Dark Moon, over 3 1/2 power packed days let go of all the rules about who you think you should be and join us in exploring the essence of who you are as woman!

Bali Couples Retreat


Ecstasy & Intimacy Oct 3rd-10th 2015


womans face

Power of Yoni 2 Weekend for Women

Over 4 days culminating at the Full Moon discover and harness a Divine Love of self through exploring your sexuality, finding deep connection, compassion and freedom within you.

24-27th Oct 2015
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