Why is it that we undertake relationships with very little, if any training?
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Annette & GraemeLove Hurts...


We could kid you that it doesn't but we'd be lying...

Buddha sat under the tree of enlightenment for forty years and discovered that life is about suffering. Two unique, separate individuals trying to live together in intimate relationship will experience hurt, whilst all the while wishing it was different, yet this is the nature of the beast. As it is of life. If you want to avoid pain avoid relationship. Then again, if you want to avoid pain you should avoid being human! Yet there is a difference between hurt that is just plain suffering and hurt that is part of healing and growing. Like the best soap operas 'suffering pain' never has to end, there's always a hook leaving you breathless for the next episode, unsure what is happening, caught in your own trap...Healing pain is tolerable because it has an end point. It feels like there is meaning in it and a positive outcome. Choosing healing pain over suffering pain creates safety in your relationship. You find healing pain lies in being willing to wake up in your relationship and learn what lying beyond the illusions we all carry. If you want to experience the difference we're here to help! Contact us here or join one of our events below soon!

The Hardest Job In The World...

That's being in authentic intimate relationship...

And it's a job we receive very little, if any, relationship training for...

Our intimate relationships are now expected to offer us:

Familiarity/Identity/Certainty/LongevityCouple in hard hats
Love/Sex /Mystery/Meaning

Let’s face it, if we were offered an extremely challenging job requiring multiple skillsets we weren’t sure we had very few of us would be willing to sign on without negotiating some training and ongoing support. Particularly if our income was based on the quality of our daily performance. It wouldn’t make sense.

So why do we do exactly this with our relationships, stepping into them blind and not asking for help?

read on here...

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