We're heading into the busy silly season so this month we discuss the Art of The Quickie...
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The Importance of Breathing...

It's breathing!

You’ve probably never thought about breathing as a relationship tool, but it is a powerful one.

Not to mention all the benefits breathing has to offer you as an individual, apart from the obvious one of keeping you alive! Especially during the busy month of December...

Breathing In is the first thing we do when we’re born.Just Breathe

Breathing out is the last thing we do before we die.

And the way we breathe in between not only keeps us alive, it has a significant impact on our quality of life in between…

Maybe you’ve noticed how your breath changes depending on how you feel: short and shallow when you’re stressed, deeper and slower when you’re relaxed. Your breath changes when you yawn, sigh, cry or laugh. Not only that but you can change how you feel by actively changing your breath. 

We invite you to fall in love with breathing…

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Ever wondered what Tantra actually is?
Check out our latest you tube video here and find the answers for yourself!

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The Art of Quickie Sex: 

Tantra is not only about slow, transcendent lovemaking...the quickie in the hall cupboard can still benefit from Tantric skills...

Tantra is famous for long, slow sex. People often fear if they learn Tantra, The Quickie, in the the hall closet (or wherever else takes your fancy) will be forbidden.

Yet Tantra is about saying YES to everything without judgement.

So why not still include a little bit of edgy play in your sex life, eroticism that has the quality we can love to feel- the naughty "I know I shouldn't but I really, really want to" push-pull we're conditioned from childhood to feel about sex.

Bringing in your authenticity, heart openness,courage, presence and use of conscious breath is only going to enhance the experience. You actively choose to go there, rather than relying on your hormonal drive to take you. And don't worry, there is enough shadow in our culture about sex for there to be an unlimited supply of "naughtiness" to explore, even if you've been practicing deshaming sex for years....

The results can be exhilarating!

So discuss with your partner what would be a "naughty" sexual practice for you?
It could be a quickie in the hall cupboard, sex with the possibility of being seen, using handcuffs, masturbating in front of each other, the list is endless...
Once you've each expressed a desire agree on the boundaries of the experience for each of you and give yourselves permission to play!

With the holiday season fast approaching why not consider organizing a special treat for yourselves and include an Ultimate Couples Getaway in your diary?
We all know Christmas is supposed to be a time of love and cheer but just as often the intensity of it all can bring out the opposite. If this is you please don't hesitate to ask for support sooner rather than later.
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