We answer questions from couples attending our last Date Night...

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Making Fear Your Friend...

Rather than your enemy...

Fear- we all experience it.

heart connection makes fear your friendHow can we make it a positive experience? Even a pathway to love?

Fear can range anywhere from a mild yet persistent queasiness in our gut to a mind numbing sheer terror and everything in between. Science tells us that fear is part of our most primal survival system yet most of us judge fear as an icky, unpleasant feeling we need to control or get rid of as quickly as possible, whilst imagining a blissful time in the future when we could live totally free of it.

Yet have you noticed how we love, even crave excitement- an upcoming party or taking a risk on a job? Interestingly fear and excitement are basically the same experience in the body, it’s how we deal with them that makes them different. More on this later.

We actually need fear.

It forms a vital part of life as our inborn importance detector.

Because when we have fear about something, whether it is walking down a dark city street alone late at night, feeling disconnected in our relationship or looking at our latest bank statement where our expenses are exceeding our income, fear is telling us to be careful, the stakes are high here.

Fear is telling us something important is happening and we need to be awake and to pay attention.

It is a call to action to focus on and sort out what is important and in our daily lives this can be invaluable.

When we take control in fear and take action the fear is resolved.

When we can't change what is happening on the outside we CAN change what is happening within us...
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Follow up to our

Date Night


We asked the couples from our recent Date Night event in Brisbane to anonymously write down questions they would most like to know the answer to and they so generously responded we've decided to answer them though a new Webinar we're calling

Questions from the Frontline

this Sunday Night Aug 16th @7pm
To attend live Click the link @7 pm or see it streamed out anytime after 8pm onwards.



If you've been wondering whether a Couples Session is for you let these words from recent attendees Thalia & Scott, a lovely young couple from QLD a few days after their 3hr Couples Intensive Session inspire you:

My partner and I have been trying to learn tantra for around two years now, by collecting bits and pieces of information from books and the internet. After about a year and a half, we hit a massive wall and had no idea how to go any further. We then started to fall in and out of practice, not really getting anywhere or improving our relationship at all. For ages we wanted to go have a lesson with a Tantric teacher one on one, but all the people we came across seemed too invasive, too radical or simply like we were just another couple of bodies ready for them conquer. That is, until we found Oz Tantra. We found them by luck as we were already planning a trip to Byron Bay and after reading their website, we knew these were the teachers we had been looking for! Annette and Graeme are absolutely incredible and in just a 3 hour lesson they have turned our lives around for the better.  They pretty much showed us that everything we had been doing, we had been doing backwards and since following their advice we can see not only the immense difference in our love making but also our general connection as a couple. Probably the best thing that we learnt from them was how to open up and really allow ourselves to feel and we know it is only early days, but we can definitely tell that the guidance we received from these fabulous teachers will surely last us a lifetime. We look forward to receiving many more lessons from them in the future! Thank you! 

Thalia and Scott 

All you need to do now is pick up the phone and call 1800 TANTRA or email here




Coming soon...
flower centre 
Women's Inner Wisdom Day...

A fun and nurturing day for women to play, connect, enjoy and open up more fully to themselves and the truth of who they are. And wow, that's amazing!

Brisbane Sat Sept 5th 2015

Bali sunset
Bali Couples Retreat


Ecstasy & Intimacy Oct 3rd-10th 2015


"Before this retreat we were still in love but after 21 years of marriage, kids and "real life" had lost touch with one another and devalued our relationship. this has showed us how to reconnect with one another, own our feelings and move beyond old, destructive patterns and together become more whole, loving people." Robert NSW

This can be you too!

Yes, we're doing it again!
Date Night For Couples in Brisbane Sept 14th 2015

Join us and other Brisbane couples signing up to take a peek at the potential of your relationship to go the next level! 

Men's Focus Group Brisbane

You've asked for it, now it's here! 

Graeme is offering a night for men only, to be heard, and to find answers to all their questions in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Sept 21st 2015
Book Now


Power of Yoni 1 Weekend for Women

Oct 29th- Nov 1st 2015
Note Date change!

Are you ready to explore your essence as a woman?

"I used to teach tantric healing work in the UK for 6yrs and have not experienced such a healing environment for women's sexuality" Kim, SA
"This workshop showed me the way to re-establish myself as a woman. To find the power and understanding of myself as woman".
Sam, QLD
For those of us having one of those days...Enjoy!
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