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The Art of Self Pleasuring is the focus for our next WEBINAR on Sunday 18th January at 7pm EST.

If you're feeling a tad challenged or confronted by this topic of self pleasuring (or masturbation) then you’re not alone. Yet it has much to offer in making you a more informed lover and even a happier person!

This area of our sexuality is one of the most shame based activities that we have and can even be one of the most challenging to have a conversations about without resorting to covert sniggers of laughter or embarrassment. 

Feelings of embarrassment, shame and even disgust are common place around this topic, but also a curiosityman in bed as to what is all the fuss about? Memories arise of furtive times in the bathroom or under the covers in bed of feeling pleasure with either a delicious or shameful feeling alongside them. 

The subject always adds an emotive edge to any conversation, and our webinar this Sunday is a conversation that will add a much greater perspective to this perfectly normal and healthy bodily function of self PLEASURING…

The question that is begging to be asked, is why has so much shame been heaped upon a simple, safe and cost free practice involving pleasure? Is it just as much a reflection of how our society views pleasure as it does sex?

Nearly all men, and most women experience this private pleasure, yet due to religious, cultural, familial and societal conditioning shame is what most people feel when having conversations about this topic.

Woman and world of pleasureYet, self pleasure can also be a pathway into a depth of sexual healing and growth of connection for each of us that is with out equal. In fact self pleasuring is an important and time honoured tantric practice that helps us to not only get to know our own pleasure body but offers us a powerful pathway to self awareness, full bodied pleasure and self, even infinite love. In this case it doesn't take two to tango!

And if we don’t know our own pleasure body, how can we expect our partner to do it all for us? In relationship work, the more each partner understands and has the ability to connect with their own pleasure, the better the sex is together. As singles, this self pleasuring practice is hugely important in keeping your energy flowing and your heart open and available.

If you’re a single, or beginning a relationship, this is a good time to practice.
If you're in a relationship, then it is important for you to explore yourself alone (without shame) and then if you desire, to share it with your partner. It's vital to talk about it rather than hide it away in shame, make it part of your relationship rather than separate as done well it makes you a better lover and even happier, more rounded as a person.

Can you give yourself permission to elevate your self pleasure to an art rather than a mere scratching of your itch? To develop your self understanding, respect and love start your own exploration and self discovery see The Art of Self Pleasure

This is a brief outline of the focus of our webinar, and you're invited to send in your questions before or during the presentation. All attendee's are anonymous (even we don't know…) and so are questions entered through the live chat room. We are the only ones who see the questions. Register now or at 7pm Sunday.

The Art of Self Pleasuring
Sunday 18th Jan at 7pm EST.

Access it live via this link at 7 pm and it will be available anytime afterwards to just listen to in your own time.

Power of Yoni 1 Weekend for Women

"I have walked away from this workshop feeling more genuinely me; I feel fuller/more complete having accepted parts of myself I didn’t even realize I didn’t accept.  Now I feel I can really accept my sexuality and sensuality and revel in them.  While feeling I can explore this further"
Lyndee SA
March 19-22 2015

Couples Retreat Bali

Reports from past attendees say:
"Before this retreat we were still in love after 21yrs of marriage, children and real life but had lost touch with one another. The retreat showed us how to reconnect with one another, our own feelings and move beyond our old, destructive patterns and work together to become more whole, loving people." Robert NSW

"I feel so amazingly alive and more aware of my feminine self- I feel like a Goddess to both myself and my beloved partner. I have never before experienced this unbelievable sensual, tingling, raw emotion. Intimacy & Ecstasy at the same time, with all my heart. Annette & Graeme I am honorably grateful for my unique experience." Sonia NSW

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