A closed heart means a limited sex life

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Is the connection and sexual desire waning in your relationship?

This dynamic may be why....

The Power of Reverse Polarity- Where Men bring Heart and Women bring Sex into a relationship.
A couple come to see us, they are disconnected and hurting. She is fed up with years of his insensitive attempts at sex and wants something more ‘intimate’ and ‘meaningful, the way she believes sex ‘should’ be. He is bored with being told he is ’doing it wrong’ all the time yet still hopefully nudges her in the back with his morning erection. She is both rightly protecting herself from further hurt and yet is scared and somehow guilty at the emotional distance between. He is feeling rejected, shamed and lost, ready to give up.

man sex, woman heartWhat they are acting out is a very common relationship scenario- the stereotypical belief about heterosexual relationship that most of us carry- that men want sex and women want love.

This works fine in the early days of relationship when both sex and love are in abundance. But as the effortlessness of new relationship fades this stereotypical view becomes a limitation, and at its worst it can become a nightmare. This is because it puts the power of desire in relationship outside of ourselves.

Where the man is left seeking what a woman controls â€“ sex, for she has the ultimate veto rights to the sex in relationship, if she says no there is not much he can do about it. 

And the man has power over what his woman desires- his open hearted intimacy and his love, which can fall away or close down in the post romantic period of courtship, no matter how much she nags him.

This leaves both susceptible to the deepest wounds of relationship- rejection, abandonment and betrayal.

Rejection of sexual advances, emotional distance or abandonment and a sense of betrayal from being denied what they signed up for. This dynamic can of course happen the other way around with the woman desiring sex more often and the man feeling isolated, or between same sex couples as the underlying premise is the same but it is strongest in a man-woman relationship as it is the base where the stereotype began.

It is a very painful place to live. For the solution read on...

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