Why do women turn away from sex so often in relationship?
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Last month we spoke about how love hurts...

This month we've been reminded once again that love is also capable of great healing. Our recent Sexuality of the Heart workshop had love filling the room, opening hearts, healing hurts- even seemingly insurmountable ones and inspiring futures. Well done to the courageous crew that attended and left no stones unturned! Contact us here or join one of our events below soon!

The No.1 Thing
to Keep Your Woman Wanting You...

Keep your woman wanting you by touching her.

Your woman needs to be touched.


woman touching herself

Something that often stands out for us is the way guys are missing one of the most basic rules in lovemaking. Well, it’s more than a rule really, it’s a necessity! What is even more surprising is that sometimes women don’t know this rule either…

Women need to be touched everywhere else before their genitals for them to work fully!

This is especially true in relationship sex- what we call sex for the long run. Any woman’s body that is not touched in lovemaking will sooner or later completely shut down, leaving her lover scratching his head wondering what happened. This leaves him sadly buying into the belief, likely to be endorsed by his mates that a loss of interest in sex is “normal” in a woman. It is not.

A woman’s body is made to be touched, it’s not only luscious to look at its yearning to be fully appreciated. Her body, not just her vagina, needs to be penetrated with attention. Anything else leaves her uninterested in sex and woman in lingeriesometimes uninterested in her partner. It will also leave her more over emotional, critical even bitter; or cold, withdrawn and unapproachable. A lack of touch makes her more interested in being with her kids where some of these needs for physical and emotional (not sexual) intimacy get met.

The interesting thing is that these people aren’t lacking in intelligence. They’re smart, caring, creative and competent so it’s not that they aren’t capable of touching it’s just that they literally don’t know the importance. And they’re not alone.

Why DON'T men touch?

Of course many men do touch, we're looking here at the ones who aren't yet.

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