Sexual numbness is an increasing factor in modern sex lives...
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Feeling Through Sexual Numbness

There’s a big, dirty secret out there.

One that is subtly reducing amount of lovemaking that’s happening in relationships.unhappy couple in bed

Yes, we’re having less sex than ever before and why?

We’re becoming sexually NUMBED!

So that when we DO get around to making love- after we’ve finished work, looked after the family, attended to all the really important things in life our sexual pleasure often just isn’t that inspiring. Making it a long time before we make it a priority again.

What are we saying here?

Our bodies can lose their capacity to feel huge pleasure and even begin to feel lots of nothing- this is known as sexual numbness and it is unknowingly ruining sex lives around the world.

Here we talk about why this happens and what simple step (and some more time invested ones) you can take to help your bodies relearn how to feel.

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Feedback from our recent Power of Yoni workshop:
Some of those attending had this to say:

"Having done other workshops I had a bit of an idea what to expect. How wrong!! Annette offers AN EXPERIENCE- a life altering expression of our authenticity through gentle yet dynamic processes. Not for the feint hearted, only for those who are really interested in doing the work it takes to truly grow"

"I would describe the safety and acceptance and say that is is a space to get whatever is required for you individually. I would use words like healing, freeing and discovering"

"Come along when the time is right for you so you'll get the full benefits"

"Go, it will change your life"

Join us next in July 8-12 or Nov 2-6 2017.

Are You Living or Dying?

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In the illusion of life the only constant is change. This is represented by a series of cycles that have beginnings and ends, an expansion and contraction ie. new plant shoota heartbeat, night and day, the 4 seasons, growth and decay seen in mother nature, a human life from birth to death, even including the cycles of reincarnation, the death of old ideas and the birth of new and much more.

As in life this process of expansion/contraction, growth and decay is part of your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual experience. We all live and we all die. How you live is driven by how you are inhabiting, governing and nurturing your life force energy, also known as your sex, love or divine energy. Most of us live outside of ourselves, disconnected from the truth of who we are, tense, tired, energy between handsstressed, thinking our feelings, rather than feeling them- in fact dying. All of the options below exert a positive effect on your life force energy and the more you options you include the more you will get the most living out of your life. The fewer included the earlier your emotional, psychological and even physical death will arrive. Your spirit (Infinite Love or God) is eternal, just our ability to experience it comes and goes.

Take the quiz below to reflect on where you are at in your own personal cycle as a result of your life choices.

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Try one of or simple body centred mediations that will leave you grounded, centred and self loving...
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