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Using Your Nighttime Dreams to Make your Daytime Dreams Come True
The DreamSynergy Newsletter • June 2020

Are You Waking Up To Your Dreams
During Your Time Of Isolation?

During this pandemic our relationships, career, and health are being challenged. Due to our individual personalities, past experiences and current circumstances, we are acting and reacting to the current Covid-19 crisis in different ways. Thankfully, our dreams will give us a glimpse into our personal ways of coping with our emotions and life in general.

I believe listening to your dreams is more important now than ever, and the skills and perspectives available through dreamwork are essential to both personal and collective health and evolution…

Join the Discussion on Dreaming During the Pandemic…

It was a pleasure to be a guest on Melanie Young’s radio show discussing why we dream and how our dreams guide us through life – especially during this pandemic.

Tune in to Justina and Melanie’s conversation on “Fearless Fabulous You.”

Listen Here

Make 2020 The Year To Follow Your Dreams…

New IDS Certification Course begins soon - July 2020!

The Institute for Dream Studies (IDS) is very excited to announce the 2020 Dream Certification Program is ready to lead you to your goals in dream studies this July. If you are a therapist, counselor, psychologist, social worker, spiritual director, or anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and understanding of dreams for professional or personal development, the IDS Dream Certification program can help you make your dreams come true.

At IDS we take an eclectic approach to dream studies, including looking at dreams through the lenses of psychology, science, spirituality, religion, and more.

We provide a flexible learning environment to enhance your experience. The course is a mix of independent study, live-online classes and groups designed to suit our students’ full and active lives.

Tzivia Gover, IDS Educational Director, will lead the program. Participants will also connect with Justina Lasley, founder of IDS, and dream professionals from around the world.

The IDS Certification program begins in July 2020. Applications must be submitted by June 11, 2020. You can sign up for full certification or you can choose to sign up for Level 1 only.

Not Ready For Certification, But Ready To Listen To The Wisdom Of Your Dreams?

Join Justina online
for an experiential DreamSynergy™ workshop
July 11 - August 1, 2020

DreamSynergy™ will introduce you to practices that you can make a part of your life so your dreams become a nightly resource for living a more purposeful, successful and healthier existence. You will learn to easily remember, record, and analyze your dreams to better understand yourself and your life.

Learning to understand the meaning of your dreams can help you to:
  • Gain clarity and perspective for your waking life
  • Realize your creative potential
  • Create better relationships
  • Take control of your career and life
  • Enrich your financial circumstances
  • Improve your health and overall well-being
  • Let go of limiting habits and beliefs

This workshop is time-zone friendly. There are no set class times so participants from all over the world can attend. No prior experience is needed.

For more information please visit:
It’s been a pleasure to experience my first Haden Dream and Spirituality Conference. What a treat to meet so many dreamers from across the US! Inspiring to become involved in a wonderful dreaming community nearby in NC. What an honor to present a workshop for participants: "Use Your Dreams to Change your Life”

Check it out and join in on the meaningful and enjoyable conference next year!

I often wonder… If the COVID19 Pandemic miraculously ended now, what would I have learned? How will I live my life differently?

This uncertain time is certainly an invitation to slow down and reflect on all that is and all that might be. When you take off your mask, who will you show up to be?

Last two verses of: "To Bless the Space Between Us" by John O'Donohue. published in 2008

As far as you can, hold your confidence.
Do not allow confusion to squander
This call which is loosening
Your roots in false ground,
That you might come free
From all you have outgrown.

What is being transfigured here in your mind,
And it is difficult and slow to become new.
The more faithfully you can endure here,
The more refined your heart will become
For your arrival in the new dawn.
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