The Beerhorst Family are again sharing their very unique vision and craftsmanship to the local community and beyond with their Beerhorst Family Sprint Art Show the first week end of May
Beerhorst Family Spring Art Show

Rose as fiber artist

Rose began her career in earnest when she was 14 years old and we were  living in Brooklyn by selling her SockMonsters in few different toy stores. Rose is now 20 and has moved out on her own with a group of friends right in the neighborhood.  She will be here with a fresh collection of rag rugs, button bracelets, headbands and rag dolls.

Rick's New Paintings

There are new pieces to look at from Rick including paintings, woodblock prints, collages and drawings.  Prices are from a $6 dollar hand pulled woodblock blank card up to $10,000 for a large double portraite in a carved and gilded hard wood frame. These images are hauntingly poetic and promise hidden insights to the sensitive and persistent viewer.

Brenda Paints Her Way Out Of The MI Winter

As the cold weather moved in and the grey skies filtered out the sun, Brenda created a painting routine that has been very fruitful. Come and see the sensitive color harmonies and pattern relationships that she distilled in these beautiful and intimate small abstract panels.

May 4, 5 and 6  10AM-8PM

106 Fuller Ave Se Grand Rapids MI 49506

If you would like to schedule an appointment before or after this date please email us

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