Why  do people talk about your clothes and not about you?  Few women are born with a natural sense of style and elegance, and the rest of us need to learn how to bring ourselves to that state. Recognizing how your clothes could be sabotaging your style is the first step to reach  your own elegance.
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Getting Ready for Fall...

Paying full price for something you love and will wear often is worth the investment, but to get what you love, in the right size, color and fit with a great price is like finding a precious treasure.
Department stores and boutiques celebrate the fall merchandise by having per-season sales in the summer. It’s hard to get into the fall mindset when it’s 100 degrees outside but it might be wise to think of your future wardrobe needs so you can take advantage of these early discounts.
Here’s how to prepare:

1. Get inspired by checking out current magazines and catalogues to see what they’re previewing for the upcoming season. What’s catching your eye?
2. Before heading to the stores, look at what you loved last year, wore to death and need to replace.
3. Shop with the intention of finding a new color that resonates with you. A new season always comes with a new color palette. Whether you enjoy that new hue in a necklace, shoe, scarf, dress, sweater or blouse, it’s fun to find it early and on sale.
4. Boots are a staple for fall/winter months and they can be very pricey. There’s not a better time to purchase them than when they’re on sale. Even though it’s hot now, a boot will be perfect for when the temperatures start to dip.

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Professional Style Clinic
Thursday, October 20, 2016

In this new economy, putting your best professional foot forward is more important than ever. Whether it’s in your current profession where you don’t want to be overlooked, an entrepreneurial career, or a new job interview you’re preparing for, looking sharp is your strongest opportunity for winning in the workplace. When presenting yourself, your clothes are your silent but strongest partner. Let’s explore the choices that count when molding a professional wardrobe that yields natural confidence and strength.
Is your work wardrobe a winning one? If you’re wondering how to ensure you’re looking your best, join me at our next Professional Style Clinic.

You Will Learn
Why image is important - The ABCs of a professional image and what it says about you - Your body qualities: type, proportion, shape, scale, color, and texture - Jewelry - How to align your fashion personality with your professional wardrobe - Professional make up - How to build an effective professional wardrobe

Registration deadline: October 14, 2016
Includes lunch

To register go to http://www.imageatelier.com/events.html

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Let Them Talk About You...
and Not Your Clothes


Coco Chanel once said: “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress. Dress impeccably and they remember the woman”

Why do women athletes present themselves with make up knowing they will be sweaty in a few minutes? Why do middle-aged women dress as if they were going to the beach when actually they are at a high end mall on a Thursday morning?
People noticing and talking about your clothes happens more often than you might realize. What someone’s wearing can be a stumbling block for clear communication. If something about your outfit is “off” or confusing, it may send the message that you appear unapproachable or out of touch with your own identity. On the other hand, when clothes fit, flatter, and express your personal style, people are drawn in and want to know more about you.

Here are some ways that clothes can be a distraction.
1. Bad fit
If the sleeves on your jacket or blouse are way too long for you or the pant legs on your slacks are dragging on the floor, you look swallowed up by your clothes. Our view of you is obstructed.
If pants, skirts or tops are too binding around your middle, you look uncomfortable. Your audience sees the misfit and feels uncomfortable for you. This isn’t how you want people thinking about you.

It’s hard to assess fit by yourself. Someone with a professional eye and experience with current fashion can make these assessments for you.
2. Age inappropriate dressing
People can make this mistake at any age. A woman moves into her 30s and is still dressing like a college student. The downside is that she isn’t seen for the woman she’s blossomed into. A sixty-year-old tries to capture a memory of her youth by wearing trendy clothes from the junior department. She could end up looking like a character and not a genuine person. In both of these examples the clothes aren’t appropriate to where these individuals are in life.

When you leave one chapter of your life and enter another your wardrobe needs to follow and support your transition. Having a wardrobe coach can be immeasurably helpful at times like these.
3. Wearing unflattering colors

Coco Chanel also said: "The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you."

When you wear clothing in colors that are too strong for your complexion, hair and eyes, they are the attention-getters, not you. Bright or neon colors can seem to enter a room before you do. All anyone can see is the color and you go missing.

Clothes in muted or faded colors can be gorgeous on some people. But if you’re not someone who lights up a room wearing dove gray or putty, these colors could make you look sickly or invisible. In this case, it’s impossible to exude presence or power. On the other hand, too many colors worn at once can make someone think you’re wearing a costume not an outfit. Your clothes create a spectacle rather than a connection.

Flattering colors aren’t hard to find. A color expert can clear up any confusion you might have and make finding “your” colors a joy.

4. Expired style
When people have neglected themselves for a period of time, it shows. Personal style requires updating to avoid getting lost in a decade. What you wear offers clues about you. If all your clues point to 1995, the subliminal message you’re sending is that you’re out of date with your self, and possibly with business life and other relationships.

It can seem like it would take a lot of time, effort and money to update your style and present yourself in the most flattering way but in the right hands, you could be looking like your best self in the next week. You deserve to enjoy all the benefits that come from owning your current personal style.
When someone’s outfit isn’t making sense, it sends a warning to others to be on high alert. Don’t let this happen to you. With some education and a few adjustments to your wardrobe you can be in clothes that fit, flatter and suit you best. And even better, it’ll all look effortless on your part.

I believe that any day is a good day to start focusing on yourself, creating new habits that will lead to self-appreciation and a good self-image. I’d love to help you make it happen. Call me and we’ll set up a review session and get started.


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