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Spring - Summer 2015
If you have saved my newsletter form Spring 2014, you will be surprised that many of the trends from last year are still going strong.

The stripes, flowers, polka-dots, lacy, transparency, and denim are still prevalent this year.

The silhouettes are also similar: hourglass, rectangle, and elongated triangle created by full skirts and fitted tops. The waist is the focal point in many collections.

As colors go, you will find blues, pastels, black & white and pure white, and of course Marsala, Pantone Color of the Year. I noticed many red pieces in the summer collections and having a peek of the Fall 2015-2016 runways and 2015 Oscars, it seems red will be an up and coming color in the near future.
Monochromatic looks, columns of color, toppers in all kinds of styles, colors and fabrics, pantsuits, the look created by skirts+blouses+belts+heels, dresses including the chemisier, soft fuller pants are some of the trends seen on the runways and can be already found in stores. 

images from style.it

You probably have many of this pieces in your closet already and it is just a matter of trying new combinations, be daring a bit, and the most important of all, be authentic. If exploring new possibilities in your closet does not come naturally, I am just a phone call away; I would love to work with you.  

images from style.it

Enjoy your summer!

The Magic Accessory

Accessories provide so many worthwhile elements to any outfit. Without them, you go unnoticed or noticed for the wrong things. With them, you can dictate the impression you give to others. Put together, knowledgeable, approachable, unique, creative, striking, pleasing, exciting. These are all qualities you can be known for and your accessories can be doing all the talking for you! Something as simple as changing your accessories or adding accessories might be all you need to accomplish your objectives.  
There is one accessory though, that any woman, professional or not, needs to keep in mind before stepping out the house. Until recently, I could not leave the house without earrings, I literally felt naked without them, and probably still do, but not as much as after my selfies shots. The exercise I did for fun, helped me realize that the accessory I can not afford to leave the house without is MAKEUP! Of course accessories such as earrings, necklaces, or scarves will add the final touch and personality to the basics in any woman's wardrobe, but only a nice concealer, foundation, a color on the cheeks, lipstick, eye color, and mascara can bring the finished look, remove the not-so-well slept night look, and camouflage any imperfections she may have in the face. 
The makeup I wear every day is not as impeccable as the one in my professional head-shot done by a makeup artist, but the selfies do not lie. Makeup does make a difference. 

Here are some practical makeup tips:
  • If you are a minimalist, concealer, mascara e lipstick will do the job. 
  • Concealer should be no more than two shades lighter than your foundation.  
  • Test your foundation on the jawline area. The right shade will disappear and not create a line in between your face and the neck. 
  • To pick the right lipstick color, look at your natural lip color and choose a hue related to it.  The idea is to enhance it.  If you had your colors done, look at the reds in your palette.
  • When buying a lipstick, take a purse mirror with you. Apply the lipstick and go have a walk close a natural light to check the color. You may be surprise of the difference in hue
  • If you wear glasses, your eye makeup needs to be stronger.  
  • When applying your makeup, think about an impressionist painting, there are no defined lines.  
If the way you have been accessorizing, including makeup, is not working for you, empower yourself to change! Join one of our style clinics or treat yourself to an in-depth style consultation. Just give me a call! 

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