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New Season Celebrates Climate Defenders

Last night GreenHeroes attended The Dew Line Concert: Climate is Culture. Hosted by Cape Farewell, a charity that brings together artists, climate scientists and other specialists to develop cultural responses to climate change, the event marked the debut of the charity’s North American chapter.

David Buckland, UK photographer and filmmaker and founder of the Cape Farewell Foundation, is a GreenHero because he draws attention to climate change by bridging art and science. As author and 2010 expedition participant, Yann Martel (Life of Pi) aptly writes - "Cape Farewell is a wedding of are and science to health the earth's divorce."

David Miller, former mayor of Toronto, is a GreenHero because he initiated environmental changes for the city and showed the world how it could be done with culture in mind. His approach impressed David Buckland who approached him to be the Chair of the Cape Farewell Foundation in North America.

 David Buckland - Photo Credit Beth Kapusta

The two met at the C40 Conference that brings together mayors from around the world to discuss how cities can reduce their carbon footprint. Miller, chair of the conference, impressed Buckland with his commitment to the issues. This combined with Toronto’s vibrant arts scene and its environmentally conscious organizations prompted Buckland to bring Cape Farewell to Toronto.

As Buckland revealed in his GreenHeroes interview, Cape Farewell has a double meaning that fits the goals of the project  - Farewell can mean goodbye - as a cautionary tale of what we stand to lose to climate change - AND is an apt send off to a successful voyage - Farewell.

As yesterday’s concert featuring performances by Canadian artists Patrick Watson and Amy Millan proved, the launch of Cape Farewell North America is off to a rocking start!
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GreenHeroes A Finalist in The ClimateSpark Venture Challenge

GreenHeroes is now the second highest rated entry in the ClimateSpark Venture Challenge, a funding competition to support big ideas to help the environment!
Please help us stay in the top ten, so we can advance to the next round – and beyond. ClimateSpark funding and partnerships will help us develop a social media game and more programming that will encourage green action. The last day to vote is November 15!
To vote for the GreenHeroes proposal follow the ClimateSpark registration instructions on the 
ClimateSpark home page. Then once you’re logged in, go to the GreenHeroes Proposal 
(You can also find it by typing “GreenHeroes” in the search field.”) Read it, then underneath it says “Your Rating” and there are a bunch of empty stars. Click on the number of stars you think our proposal deserves and the stars will turn red. Then scroll down past the comments our proposal has so far and you’ll see empty fields to fill in your comments. After you’ve commented, click “Save” and you’re done. Remember to click save or your ratings and comments will be lost!

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Featured Campaign

Andrew Ference

Waking Up The Watershed

Andrew Ference is a National Hockey League (NHL) superstar with the Boston Bruins, and a leader in the fight to reduce carbon emissions. He spearheaded a partnership between the NHL and the David Suzuki Foundation, forming the Carbon Neutral Challenge to inspire over 500 hockey players to offset their carbon emissions from travel. More astounding still, is Andrew’s personal dedication to change; he bikes to work every day to reduce his environmental impact.

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