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Be sure to keep up to date on our most current GreenHeroes such as Tzeporah Berman.

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Year in Review

This year GreenHeroes brought you many stories about the lives and efforts of our Heroes. Here are some highlights.

We told you about our Heroes’ triumphs, like shark protector Rob Stewart’s contribution to bans of the sale, possession and consumption of
shark fin

We also celebrated their latest creative efforts to increase awareness about the causes they support such as Emily Hunter’s new book and Sarah Harmer’s new camp song to mark the 100th anniversary of Parks Canada.
Emily Hunter Photo Courtesy of Devin Lund
GreenHeroes also shared news about current environmental events. Mark Mattson of Lake Ontario Waterkeeper spoke out against about a proposed new nuclear facility.

We also honoured the work of GreenHeroes
Ray Anderson and Wangari Maathai who passed away this year.

GreenHeroes recognizes the power of storytelling to inspire environmental change and we thank all of our Heroes for their work to help the planet.

Be sure to look through our
blog archive for many more stories from this year!

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Featured Campaign

Tzeporah Berman

As Tzeporah Berman told George Strombolopolous on The Hour, Everyone remembers their moment, the one that thrust them into action, and set them on a path to realizing a goal and finding a solution to a cause they believe in.

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Green Events

January 12 (2012) - Ontario SEA FIT Webinar
ONLINE, BC Sustainability Energy Association

January 13-15 Designing Your Own Sustainable Home: Worshop for Owner-Builders Peterborough, ON

January 26-29 - Guelph Organic Conference