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The board of directors of Planet in Focus, Canada’s leading international environmental film and video festival, recently voted for a new member: producer and director of GreenHeroes, Joan Prowse.

She is enthusiastic to work with the board members, most of whom are fellow filmmakers and/or environmentalists.

I am very excited to bring what I have achieved at GreenHeroes to my work with Planet in Focus,” says Joan. “Both organizations tell stories about people tackling environmental issues and also encourage viewers to take action. I am very passionate about uniting these two efforts to help make the planet a greener place.”


Joan with GreenHeroes team members

Joan is also now on the committee to select the festival’s Canadian and international Eco Hero Award recipients.

The 12th annual Planet in Focus festival is currently accepting submissions and takes place October 12 -16, 2011 in Toronto.

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Featured Campaign

Gord Downie

Water Protector - Gord Downie


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Gord Downie
 is a singer, songwriter, and trustee of the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper (LOW). Gord’s partnership with LOW, which helped put a halt to the actions of a polluting cement company, underscores the importance of preserving and conserving our limited freshwater resources. Nearly 70% of the world’s freshwater is locked in ice, and most of the rest is in

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