November 2014
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Christmas is a joyful time that many await with anticipation each year. It commemorates the birth of a pure devotee of the Lord who influenced the lives of many. Gifts, especially for children, are an integral part of this holiday’s experience. Have you ever wondered, however, what happens to those poor families who do not have money to buy Christmas gifts for their children? Have you ever wondered what those children who do not receive a gift feel on Christmas? Have you ever wondered how a child who sees others open gifts yet receives none feels?
Prabhuji feels that every child deserves a gift on Christmas, regardless of the economic situation of their families. Because of this, he has founded the Ramakrishnananda Toy Distribution Program to give new toys to children whose families do not have enough resources. 
       The acquisition of toys has already begun following the children’s specific requests.
Join our efforts and participate. Wrapped toys will be distributed at the Bhaktivedanta Ashram on Christmas Eve. 


Ramakrishnananda Gifts Distribution Banner5
 Triton, 8- Musical Instrument              Lewek, 5- teenage turtles          Miya, 9- Barbie doll
 Aillen, 15- Arts and Crafts              Jayden, 10- halo          Lewek, 5- teenage turtles
 Olivia, 13- crafts              Ryan, 9- baseball          Hannah, 1- doll
 Sergio, 5- dirt bike toy              Jayda, 6- doll          Jack, 3.5- subway train toy
 Gabriella, 12- Jewelry Crafts              Amelia, 5- horses         Shawn. 14- RC Airplain
 Derek Jr.- 1.5- Olaf toy              Gwen, 5- dolls         Kayden, 3- Spider-man
 Olivia, 4- Barbie              Noah, 3- cars & trucks          Tom, 5- firetruck
 Jena, 15- ear rings              Gary, 13- football          Flora, 5- crayons
 Jayden, 7- baseball              Breanna, 12- Jewelry          Destiny, 12- MP3 player
 Lewek, 6- Soccer ball              Christopher, 8- RC Helicopter          Anabel, 3- bicycle
 Shaneika, 13- books              Dewisha, 8- crayons          Lily, 5- scooter
 Luis, 9- remote control car              Kai, 10- scooter          Skyler, 5- lego
 John, 6- remote control car              Hanna, 4- Hello Kitty          John, 9- pokemon
 Lyan Jr., 5- car              Antonio, 1- Elmo          Aron, 9- soccer ball
 Destiny, 2- car              Chelsea, 10- saw machine          Destiny, 2- Elmo
 Harmoner, 6- Barbie              Carliana, 5- mermaids          Savania, 7- a doll
 Lilyann, 2- Elmo              Ambrea, 12- Arts & crafts          Tyler, 3- RC Car
 James, 5- Lego              Coralie, 3- Dora          Thilia, 11- Arts & Crafts
 Brielle, 9- monster high dolls              Desiree, 6- Beads craft kit          Brianna, 6- Frozen toy
 Rachel, 10- monster high dolls              Adalena, 12- nail polish          Deanna, 5- Princess Elsa
 Nigen, 12- basket ball              Jace, 10- lego          Kayleigh,4- Arts & Crafts

Help us to put a smile on their faces this Christmas!

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