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Do you remember this?

An an 80s/90s kid, that moment in video games changed my life.

Basically, there was a secret in Mario 3 that allowed you to then skip a BUNCH of levels.

It was incredible.

And back then, there was no internet. So the first time a kid in your neighborhood, or your cousin, or whoever showed you this... it was mind-blowing.

Not too long ago, the same thing happened to me with writing, and today, I'll share it with you so you can warp ahead with your SEO skills.

Let me explain...

Level 1: Write how you talk

For years I gave this advice for writing online. Just write how you talk.

These short, broken sentences?

They're FINE!

Writing online is vastly different to writing your 10th grade book report on the Scarlet Letter.

But then, I figured out another, better way to write online...

Level 2: Write how your audience talks

Sometimes the language we use to describe something is slightly different than how our audience talks about it.

Maybe you have a level of expertise that your readers don't? Let's drop the jargon.

Maybe your audience is highly technical? Jargon away!

And for the next few years, this was now how I explained writing online: use the words your audience and community uses to explain things.

But then, like the freaking MARIO WARP WHISTLE, somebody showed me the cheat code to leveling up even further.

Level 3: Write how your audience THINKS

Ok, so this blew my mind...

People measure stuff like money, time, and relationships very personally.

🔴 Your commute to work isn't "30 minutes..."

🟢 It's "half a podcast."

🔴 Their salary isn't "$400k/year..."

🟢 It's "a salary so high you'd think they were insane for driving that Honda Civic that still sits in their driveway."

🔴 Her network isn't "high net worth individuals..."

🟢 It's that "you blush when you catch a glance at the names in her imessage history."

Common advice is to write how your audience talks, not how you talk.

That's true, but it only gets your halfway.

Write how your audience THINKS. Write in a way that shows them that you truly get who they are and what they aspire to be or have.

Then, you'll become the beacon of light in the SEO content snake-eating-its-own-tail sea of sameness.

Until next time, don't forget to work hard, be nice to people, and don't get too lost trying to create something that matters,

SEO for the Rest of Us

PS - If you're deeply bought in and want to know where I learned this tip, reply to this email and I'll show you. Spoiler: I have nothing to sell you. 😉

PSS - HUNDREDS of people clicked on my last email to let me know how helpful an SEO job board would be for them. 

SO I built it!

Keep an eye on your inbox next week for a link to the brand new SEO for the Rest of Us job board! 💼

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