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Hello everyone! I'm back after my maternity leave, and feeling very proud of the NHB team and all the new plays we've been publishing. I am really excited to present you with four new releases, including Jez Butterworth's incredible The River, and Jessica Swale's wonderful Blue Stockings, and to celebrate the National Theatre's 50th birthday as well as Michael Morpurgo Month with you (have a look at the NEWS section for goodies!). We are featuring Amanda Whittington's The Thrill of Love as play of the month, from the author of Be My Baby. Do get in touch with me if any of the below inspires you to perform one of our plays, and may your rehearsal rooms be cosy and warm this winter!
Tamara von WerthernPerforming Rights Manager

Play of the Month
The Thrill of Love
by Amanda Whittington (4f 1m)
Set: can be simply staged (various interior and exterior settings)
This latest play from our much-loved Amanda Whittington (author of Be My Baby, Ladies' Day and Ladies Down Under) is really rather special. A gripping drama about Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain, it uncovers a personal story of love, resilience and jealousy, and Amanda yet again creates fantastically strong female characters that take their audience through a whole gamut of emotions.
Amateur rights: £69 per performance, plus VAT where applicable
New Releases
The River
by Jez Butterworth

Cast: 3f 1m
Set: a cabin on the cliffs, abo
ve a river
On a moonless night in August, a man brings his new girlfriend to the remote family cabin where he has come for the fly-fishing since he was a boy. But she's not the only woman he has brought here – or indeed the last.
A bewitching story from the author of global smash hit Jerusalem. This play is on LIMITED RELEASE only - so please inquire if rights are available for your production before rehearsals begin.
Amateur rights: £69 per performance, plus VAT where applicable
Days of Wine and Roses
by Owen McCafferty
Cast: 1f 1m

JP Miller's 1962 film Days of Wine and Roses, adapted brilliantly for the stage by Owen McCafferty. Donal and Mona leave Belfast for a new start in 60s London. Strangers in an unfamiliar city, they fall in love with life, each other and the drink. A whirlwind of discovery starts to spiral out of control as the young, alcoholic Donal drags his wife with him into the swamp of addiction - from which only one of them can escape. A taut two-hander that really packs a punch.
Amateur rights: £69 per performance, plus VAT where applicable
Travelling Light
by Nicholas Wright
Cast: 4f 9m plus 1 boy, doubling
Set: Can be simply staged

A funny and fascinating tribute to the Eastern European immigrants who became major players in Hollywood's golden age. In a small village in Eastern Europe, around 1900, the young Motl Mendl is entranced by the flickering silent images on his father's cinematograph. Bankrolled by Jacob, the local timber merchant, and inspired by Anna, the girl sent to help him, he stumbles on a revolutionary way of story-telling. Forty years on, Motl - now a famed American film director - looks back on his early life and confronts the cost of fulfilling his dreams.
Amateur rights: £69 per performance, plus VAT where applicable
Blue Stockings
by Jessica Swale
Cast: 8-9f 11-16m (play can be staged by 12 actors)
Set: Can be simply staged

1896. Girton College, Cambridge, the first college in Britain to admit women. The Girton girls study ferociously and match their male peers grade for grade. Yet, when the men graduate, the women leave with nothing but the stigma of being a 'blue stocking' - an unnatural, educated woman. They are denied degrees and go home unqualified and unmarriageable. In Jessica Swale's debut play, Tess Moffat and her fellow first years are determined to win the right to graduate. But little do they anticipate the hurdles in their way: the distractions of love, the cruelty of the class divide or the strength of the opposition, who will do anything to stop them. The play follows them over one tumultuous academic year, in their fight to change the future of education.
Amateur rights: £69 per performance, plus VAT where applicable
50% off National Theatre play scripts
The National Theatre is celebrating its 50th anniversary and we are raising a glass to them and helping you explore some of their gems! We are offering a 50% discount on five wonderful plays first seen at the NT. Honour by Joanna Murray-Smith, Coram Boy by Jamila Gavin, adapted by Helen Edmundson, Vincent In Brixton by Nicholas Wright, Table by Tanya Ronder and The Seafarer by Conor McPherson.
To make sure the discount is applied, just enter the code NT50 in the box at checkout. This offer is available until 19 November 2013.

November 2013 is Michael Morpurgo Month
Find out how you can celebrate the famous children's author's 70th birthday here. If you feel inspired to put on a production of the Kensuke's Kingdom stage adaptation by Stuart Paterson please get in touch with me. Kensuke's Kingdom follows a young boy who falls overboard while sailing around the world with his parents and is washed up on a Pacific island peopled by orang-utans and the mysterious Kensuke. We will offer a generous 50% discount on a cast set of this title ordered by 1 March 2014. Please order your set directly through me by emailing
New Acquisitions
Plays newly acquired by Nick Hern Books - keep an eye out in this newsletter for release of rights.
To Sir, With Love
by E.R. Braithwaite, adapted by Ayub Khan-Din
Cast: 8f 8m (plus extras)

The Herd
by Rory Kinnear
Cast: 3f 3m

by Dawn King
Cast: 2-4f 2-4m

Production News

Again, there are too many exciting and adventurous amateur productions coming up to mention them all, but here is a choice selection: Dracula is being performed by The Basement Theatre Company at the Cottiers Theatre in Wyndham on 2-3 and 8-9 November; the Highbury Players present Dusk Rings A Bell at The Old Joint Stock on 7-9 November; The Haunting is on at the Erith Playhouse on 11-16 November and the Tower Theatre Company are putting on The Winterling at the Bridewell Theatre on 19-23 November.

As always, all the very best to anyone involved in an amateur production in the next month.
Featured Production

Anne Boleyn
by Howard Brenton
11-16 November 2013
The Company of Ten, Abbey Theatre St.Albans
More info here

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