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Free Children's Vision Screenings
August 19, 2016
9:30 -11:00 a.m.
Babie R Us Mira Mesa
Appointments are scheduled every 15 minutes.  Email to schedule an appointment.
by California-Hawaii Elks Major Project
Parents of children, preschool through third grade, are urged to bring their children to the screening.
Children who fail the screening are then referred to an eye specialist of the parents; choice. 
Emphasis is placed on discovering Amblyopia, a decrease or loss of vision in one eye.

More than 100 regionally and age-based playgroups to choose from. Here is our newest playgroup.  If you are interested in joining this playgroup or finding one yourself, you can log intot he website and look for the playgroup tab.  Search by area then the birth year of your child.  If you are unable to find one, we are looking for playgroup captains to help start the playgroups.  Contact Christine at

New Playgroup
Clairemont, University City, bay Park, La Jolla, PB, OB, Mira Mesa, Miramar - 09/15 to 09/16 Siblings welcome