Family Swap Meet just around the corner.  You don't want to miss the next one on Sunday, June 24, 2012.
San Diego Parent Connections Upcoming Events

Volunteers needed

There are two much anticipated Parent Connection events coming up and we have great benefits in store for those that can volunteer!

The Annual Parent Connection's Fall Harvest Festival (October 20) and the Fall Family Swap Meet (September 30) are just around the corner and volunteers are needed. Volunteers gain free admissions for themselves and their immediate family at either event, as well as being entered in a Volunteer raffle for one of 3 wonderful prizes: a Family Fun Pack, Couples Night Out OR Moms Spa Day. Remember that in addition to these great perks and the great events themselves, these activities support two worthy causes, our Community Resource Fund (assisting fellow members in crisis) and Madison's Fund (assisting families who have lost a child).  Please show your support by donating your time for a 2 hour shift at both, or either, event doing any one of the following:

Swap Meet:
  • Booth and bake sale set up
  • Vendor Check-In
  • Admissions and bag distribution
  • Bake Sale
  • Clean-Up

Fall Harvest Festival
  • Set-Up
  • Activity supervision
  • Admissions
  • Clean-Up

The Swap Meet will be at the Canyon Crest Academy and volunteers are needed for 2 hour shifts from 6:30am-1:30pm. The Harvest Festival will be at the Nobel Athletic Field and volunteers are needed for 2 hour shifts from 9am-4pm .   Lunch, snacks and beverages will be provided for volunteers. Please contact me at or (619)254-2993 ASAP if you, your friends and/or youth group are interested in volunteering.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Cristina Sanchez-Kerr
Volunteer Director, the Parent Connection

Advertise Your Business and Reach Thousands of People
Parent Connection's next Family Swap Meet is coming up on September 30, 2012 and we will provide free reusable shopping bags to the first 500 shoppers again.  We are currently looking for 10-15 advertisers to include their flyers in the shopping bags and three companies to display their logos on the bags.
To have your flyers or business cards inserted into the bags, the cost is $100 for 500 flyers.  If you'd prefer a smaller sponsorship, we will also continue to offer a $50 sponsorship level for 250 flyers to be included in bags for the first 250 shoppers.  The flyers must be received by Friday, September 21.  You'll need to send a check made out to:
Parent Connection
9888 Genesee Avenue, LJ 36 
La Jolla, CA 92037
Please include the words "Swap Meet Advertising" on your check.  You may mail your flyers with your check or drop the whole package off at the Parent Connection office at Scripps Mende Well-Being Center at Westfield UTC Mall any weekday morning between 9 a.m. and noon.
Another alternative is to have your one-color logo added to the outside of the 500 reusable shopping bags.  The cost is $200 and the deadline for submitting logos via e-mail to me (in EPS/vector format) and mailing a check is Friday, September 7.  Your logo will be one of three sponsor logos that will appear alongside the Parent Connection Family Swap Meet logo.  All logos will appear in white print on red bags.
You can, of course, do both the flyers and the logo if you wish.  Thank you for your interest in advertising with the Parent Connection.  Please let me know if you would like to go forward.
Additional sponsorship opportunities are available for Parent Connection's Breakfast with Santa in December.  For more information, contact Beth Sondak at (858) 829-6337 or
-Kim Knox
Volunteer Public Relations Director, Parent Connection

Join LinkedIn

The Parent Connection wants to help support businesses in San Diego.  We offer affordable ways to get the word out about what you are doing.  To find out more information and to receive a media kit, contact for further information.  One free way to spreading your information is to join our LinkIn group for Parent Connection members only.  Many have found jobs, located businesses, followed leads through out LinkEn site.  This is one of the benefits of joining the Parent Connection is having this as a resource.  Another benefit for businesses is the YahooMessage Board.  Many names of people who we have used as business contacts came from the YahooMessage Board.  You must be a member to join but information is free to give.  If you are not a member of the group, contact and asked to be invited to the group.

Smooth & Successful Transitions

Do you dread leaving your house in the morning because your child gets upset at your leaving?  Does your child "lose it" when it's time to leave the park or music class?  Mastering transitions can be a fit of an art for parents.  Our speaker, Jackie Hartman, will discuss how to make transitions smooth, successful and stress free.
Thursday, August 30, 7-8:30pm, Scripps Coastal Medical Group, Carlsbad.
Free for Parent Connection members, $10 for non-members.  Register on

Keeping Up on Head Lice

By William Hitchcock, MD
Head Lice infestation is a fact of life for school aged children and preschoolers.  The lice, also known as “pediculosis capitis”, are inconvenient and a source of anxiety for parents but cause no medical harm.  They re not a sign of poor hygiene and can be found in any San Diego community from Oceanside to San Ysidro.  Lice live only on the human’s scalp where they lay eggs that attach tightly to the strand of hair. These are called “nits.”  You will only find nits very close to the scalp – they appear like a light speck of lint.  Eggs hatch within seven to ten days and removal of nits is important to prevent another cycle of lice. 
Head Lice crawl; they do not leap or fly and are usually spread by direct contact with the infected child’s head or exposure to items used by the child such as combs, brushes, hats and bedding.  Because children have close contact in school, lice can easily spread through a classroom.  Prevention is difficult, but involves avoidance of contact with items that may have touched hair and prompt treatment of the child as well as family members who are in close contact with the infected child.  Changing the linen and washing it with hot water may be helpful.
There are several treatments for head lice.  Manual removal or use of a petrolatum shampoo or a thirty minute application of hot air using a “Lice Buster” may be helpful.  Occlusive agents as well as tea tree oil treatments and rosemary shampoos can also be used.   Over the counter treatments include Permethrin 1% (NIX) and Pyrethrins 1% (RID/ R and C Clear Lice Systems which have low toxicity in humans.  Prescription systems include malathion 0.5% (Ovide) and another product, Benzyl Alcohol (Ulesfia).  Lindane(Kwell) can cause neurotoxicity and should be used with extreme caution.  Anti-sabies lotions such as Eurax and Elimite have been used to treat head lice.  Finally, oral medication including Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole and Ivermectin has shown some success.
In July 2010, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a statement on treating head lice in children.  They emphasized that head lice, while a nuisance, do not transmit disease and are difficult to diagnose by the untrained parent or teacher.  The AAP recommended that infected children not be excluded from attending school and did not endorse a “No Nits” policy used by some schools.
William Hitchcock, MD
La Jolla Pediatrics
La Costa Pediatrics
The events listed below are featured at the Valley View Casino Center (formerly the San Diego Sports Arena)

Kelloggs Tour of Gymnastics Champions 2012

The Kellogg's® Tour of Gymnastics Champions will be unlike any gymnastics tour ever produced, providing fans with a high-flying, dynamic experience that will celebrate the sports' beauty and skill.


Disney on Ice

Join the celebration as 65 of Disney's unforgettable characters from 18 beloved stories come to life in Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic! You'll be captivated by the one and only Mickey Mouse, the irresistible Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio and many Disney Princesses.

LA Lakers Pre-Season

Don't miss out on seeing the new look of the LA Lakers with Dwight Howard and Steve Nash on October 25th at the Valley View Casino Center.

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