Hullabaloo Band New Location and Time
The San Diego Zoo has a panda named Gao-Gao that has chewed so mmuch bamboo in his life that his teeth are completely worn out. They make him “bamboo bread” because it’s easier to chew. I wrote “I Chew” and made a little video for Gao-Gao. 

In other news. . . I’m super excited about this week’s show at the Nobel Rec Center. Whenever I look for new Hullabaloo venues I look for easy freeway access, lots of free, easy parking, restrooms and some space to run and play after the show. The Nobel Rec Center has all of that, plus a library!
I hope you’ll join us at this perfect venue (very near UTC) on Thursday at 10:30 a.m. 
Nobel Rec Center (8810 Judicial Dr., San Diego, CA 92122)
Admission: $5/family or $3/family for Parent Connection Members
For detailed information on this show and more, please click here.
Thank you, as always, for singing along!
Take care,
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Family Swap Meet

Sunday, April 3, 2016 9:00am – 1:00pm
Canyon Crest Academy
5951 E Village Center Loop Road
San Diego 92130

Spaces will sell out.  You will have to pay for your space up front so mail your form and check to the Parent Connection as soon as possible.

  • Gates will open for Parent Connection members at 8:30am (membership cards required)
  • No used car seats are allowed for resale

Admission is $2/person, under 12 years old free.

Vendors download the Swap Meet Registration form .

Contact us with questions at:
The Parent Connection
4273 Campus Point Court CP10
San Diego, CA 92121

No pre-registration is required for attendees.
For info, call 858-626-6944.
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