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Thinking about getting a hair cut to help with the summer heat.  Christine did some research when she and her two daughters went in to have their hair cut.  Here is what she found out.  Besides Locks of Love there are other organizations that will take the donation.

Children with Hair Loss and Pantene require 8 inches or more.  Wigs for Kids is 12 inches.   I chose Children with hair loss because you could also buy a t-shirt and/or bracelet and I thought it was nice for the girls to have a reminder of their donation.


One of our Parent Connection members recently wrote that her son still has playgroup friends from 9 years ago!  These are the type of friendships you develop over the years with meeting other parents in the area tha tyou live in with the same age child. For more information about a playgroup, you can view the entire list at or if you can't find one, email us at and give us the age of your child and the area that you live in.  If we don't have one, hope you will start one!

Kids do say the darnest things. When Christine was trying to explain to Kaylee that she needs to save her money up if she wanted to buy a new toy and she says to her..."Mom, what are you saying? I Don't speak adult!"  Thanks for making us smile with that Kaylee!


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