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Celebrating Earth Day


Here are 10 ways to celebrate Earth Day.
1. EarthFair 2015 Balboa Park, April 19 - 10am-5pm, 1549 El Prado, San Diego 92169
2.  Plant a tree - Planting trees helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cleans pollution, secures soil in place to prevent erosion and provides homes for a lot of biodiversity.
3.  Make nature crafts at school or home.  You can also go to your local Home Depot on Saturday mornings to wood working craft.
4.  Visit your local library and get books on the environment.
5.  Reduce, reuse and recycle all day long.  But as little as possible and avoid items that come in lots of packaging.  Support local growers and producers of food and product - these don't have to travel as far and so reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Take your drink container with you and don't use any disposable plates or cutlery.  Recycle all the things you do use for the day or find other uses for things that you no longer use.  Carry a cloth bag for carrying things in and recycle your plastic bags.
6.  Learn about product exchange communities like Freecycle and other alternatives.
7.  Wash your car using a bucket rather than the hose.  Drive the car onto grass for cleaning, so that the water you do use also waters the grass.
8.  Ride your bike.  Use your bicycle or other forms of human powered transportation to commute to work or school and to run errands.
9.  Cook a special Earth Day meal.  Plan a menu that uses locally grown produce, is healthy and has minimal impact on the environment.  Favor vegetable and bean products, as these use less resources to grow than mass-farmed meat.  
10.  Sing or listen to "Earth" songs.  There are many Earth Day song lyrics available on the Internet.  Many follow well-known tunes.  

Expectant Mom Mingle

Saturday, April 25
Babies R Us
8181 Mira Mesa Blvd. San Diego 92120
Cost $10/person
Mingle with other expectant moms going through the same stages of pregnancy.  We'll "shower" you with raffles as well as helpful tips from our parenting experts.
Registration is necessary, click here to register.

Playgroup Captain Appreciation

PLAYGROUP CAPTAINS: You should have received your invitation to our appreciation event on:
Monday, April 20
The Curious Fork in Del Mar
If you haven't received your invitation, contact us at  Thank you for all you do for the Parent Connection!

A Fair To Remember

Ticket Discounts Your Won't Forget - San Diego County Fair 
June 5 through July 5 (Closed Mondays and the first two Tuesdays)
Order your tickets by April 30 along with a check made payable to Parent Connection.  Include a self addressed letter-sized envelope with postage.  Tickets that have more than 4 tickets will need additional postage.  Or you can pick up the tickets at the Parent Connection office.  Mail order to:  Parent Connection, 9888 Genesee Avenue LJ36 La Jolla, CA 92037.

  • Unlimited Fair Admission
    Enjoy all 25 days of the Fair for only $15! A $375 retail value. Photo ID required at gate for all ages 6 and over.
    Price: $15.00

  • Single-day Child Admission
    Ages 6-12. 12 and younger are free on Tuesdays. 5 and younger are free every day.
    Price: $8.00

  • Single-day Senior Admission
    Ages 62 and older
    Price: $8.00

  • Value Pack
    1 parking voucher, 4 one-time-use admissions, 4 "buy one medium soft drink get one free" coupons, 20 ride coupons, and 1 Passport to Savings coupon book voucher
    Price: $63.00

  • Mega Pack
    1 parking voucher, 2 one-time-use admissions, 2 "buy one medium soft drink get one free" coupons, 25 ride coupons, 25 game coupons, and 1 Passport to Savings coupon book voucher
    Price: $61.50

  • Ride Coupon Sheet
    25 coupons per sheet. Kiddie rides require 3-4 coupons; major rides require 4-6 coupons; and a few "super rides" require 7-10 coupons
    Price: $15.00
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