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Ten Things To Do Besides Spanking
Do you get frustrated hearing yourself say "NO! NO! NO!" Discover how positive discipline can make those frustrating "nos" vanish.  Our speaker, Jackie Hartman, will discuss how to use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior.  You'll learn the difference between discipline and punishment and, more importantly, how to keep your child's self-esteem intact, thereby decreasing the possibility of future behavioral problems.
Tuesday, January 13, 6:30-8pm, Scripps Clinic-Carmel Valley, 5th Floor Conference Room

Positive Discipline and Self-Esteem
Come and learn how to use positive reinforcement to get your child's cooperation and build a strong relationship with your child through mutual respect.  You'll learn the difference between discipline and punishment and how to keep your child's self-esteem intact.
Monday, January 19, 7-8:30pm, Scripps Mende Well Being-UTC

No, I Won't & You Can't Make Me!
Ways to Reduce Power Struggles
Handling power struggles can be one of the most difficult aspects of parenting.  Our speaker, Jackie Hartman, will discuss how to effectively handle power struggles and what to do to lessen them in the future by recognizing them and disengaging.  You and your child will feel better and the entire family will be happier for it.  
Thursday, February 26, 6:30-8:00pm, Scripps Clinic Carmel Valley, 5th Floor Conference Room

Parent's Guide to Wills, Trusts & Saving for College
What would happen to your children if something happened to you?  Achieve peace of mind by ensuring that your child(ren) would be raised by the person you choose and that your child(ren) would not inherit everything at age 18, but at the ages and stages you want them to inherit.  Stacy DenHerder, and Estate Planning Attorney and Anthony Saffer, a Financial Planner will discuss how to avoid probate, how to be prepared to cover the issues of incapacity, and how to secure your financial future as well as your child's college education.  You'll have the opportunity to learn about 529 plans, education and Roth IRAs, UTMA accounts and alternative investments.
Monday, February 16, 7-9pm, Scripps Mende Well Being-UTC

Potty Training Made Easy
In the midst of our frustration over diaper changes or accidents, it's easy to forget that all children will eventually learn to use the potty.  Make this transition stress-free for you and your child by learning the ins and outs of potty training from an expert, Nonie Levi, MFT.  You'll learn how to tell when a child is ready, how to encourage your child to use the potty and even when to call it quits for a while until your child is truly ready to get down and potty.  
Monday, March 16, 7-8:30pm, Scripps Mende Well Being-UTC

These classes are free for Parent Connection members and $10 for nonmembers.  Register here.

Redirecting Children's Behavior

Enhance your parenting skills through this powerful and practical course that teaches effective parenting skills in a supportive, loving and nonjudgmental atmosphere.  Learn the four principles of why children misbehave and how to nurture self-sufficient, responsible and self-confident children by using techniques that build mutual respect, create positive motivational messages, prevent sibling rivalry and minimize power struggles.  This course if taught by a supportive and experienced instructor, Jackie Hartman.  The cost is $200/member family, $395/nonmember family.  Fee does not include textbook and/or workbook, which are $30.  Contact Jackie Hartman at 760-533-5256.
Thursdays, Jan. 22, 29, Feb 5 & 12, or
Mondays, Mar. 9, 16, 23 & 30
Scripps Mende Well Being-UTC

Spirited Child Workshop

Learn creative, fun and innovative ways to deal with the challenges of raising a spirited child using techniques from Mary Sheedy Kurcinka's Raising Your Spirted Child and the successful parenting program Redirecting Children's Behavior. The cost for Parent Connection members is $295/coupld, nonmembers are $350/couple.  To register, call Jackie Hartman at 760-533-5256.
Tuesdays, Jan 27, Feb. 3 & 10, 6:30-9pm, Scripps Mende Well Being-UTC


Hullabaloo is farm-fresh, free-range, organic kid-folk in a genre filled with musical Twinkies and Ding-Dongs.  Don't get us wrong (and please don't sue us, Hostess Foods Inc.), Twinkies and Ding-Dongs are great in small doses.  But, after a while, you need something with a little more substance.  No registration required.  Suggested donation of $3/family for Parent Connection members and $5/family for nonmembers.
Friday, January 16, March 20, March 27
10:00-10:30am and 11:00-11:30am
Scripps Mende Well Being-UTC

Doodle Bug Designs

Doodle Bug Designs will be available for those who would like to make a clay impression of their little one's hands or feet.  No registration required.  The cost for the clay items depends on the item selected and ranges from $75.0 to $45.
Friday, January 16, Febrary 20 and March 27, 10-11:30am, Scripps Mende Well Being-UTC

Tummy To Play Every Day for Infants

Introductory Class for First Timers
Is your baby happy on his tummy, or is he one of the majority who fusses, screams and cries when placed down?  This class provides more than an hour of FUN learning about the importance of tummy time and practicing basic moves and easy modifications to help ensure that tummy time is a happy time.   This class is for babies 0 to 6-7 months and up to two caregivers.  The cost is $35/class for members (use code PC2014), $45 for nonmembers.  Register at moveplaygrow.com.
Tuesday, January 20, February 27 or March 17, 11:00am-12:30pm, Scripps Mende Well Being-UTC

Yoga and Wellness Workshops

Join wellness coach Tami Spence and Kundalini Yoga teacher Aerial Anger for these 3-hour experiences.  Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and blanket.  There is a $10 minimum donation per session (50% of proceeds will be donated to water.org).
Joyful January - Sunday, Jan. 18, 1-4pm, Scripps Mende Well Bieng-UTC
Focused February, Sunday, February 15, 1-4pm, Scripps Mende Well Being-UTC
Mastering March, Sunday, March 15, 1-4pm, Scripps Mende Well Being-UTC
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Basic Training for Dads-to-Be:  The Third Trimester
We're looking for a few good dads-to-be!  With a baby on the way, your life is about to change profoundly.  Our basic training class allows expectant dads the opportunity to hear firsthand accounts from experienced dads who have been through it all.  Learn about what to expect in the last trimester of pregnancy, at the birth, during the first few weeks at home and more.  Our expert dads, accompanied by their infants, will provide practical tips on diapering, feeding a soothing a newborn.  This class provides an experience you can't get from reading a book or attending a childbirth class.  Call 858-380-4636, go to www.newdadsclass.com or email dsingley@newdadsclass.com for information and registration.  The cost is $40/class.
Saturday, January 17 or Saturday, March 14, 9:30-Noon, Scripps Mende Well Being-UTC
First Year Dads
During the first year, there is so much to learn while juggling work and personal responsbilities.  This parenting class is offered as a sequel to the Basic Training for Dads-to-Be class and addresses the issues most relevant to fathers who have newborns to 1-year-olds.  For more information or to register, call 858-380-4636 or log on to www.newdadsclass.com.  Space is limited.  The cost is $40
Saturday, February 21, 9:30-am-Noon, Scripps Mende Well Being-UTC

Healthy Chats for Girls

 This popular 2 1/2-hour seminar presents accurate information for mothers and daughters (9-11 years old) about the normal physical and emotional changes that preteens experience during puberty.  The cost is $60/mother & daughter pair and includes a "Growing Up" bag for the girls.  Enrollment is limited and preregistration is required.  For more information, go to www.HealthyChats.com
Sunday, January 25, 2:30-5:00pm, Scripps Mende Well Being-UTC.
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