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Welcome Eric Prescott
Eric Prescott
Call Andy’s newest engineer, Eric Prescott, first started learning about computers on an Apple II in his grade school computer lab, but he switched to a PC when his mom brought one from the office during a round of hardware upgrades. With some ingenuity, that PC got him through most of his time at UCLA, after which he learned to build his own systems and installed an early graphical user interface called Windows, then promptly proceeded to break it over and over again to see how it worked. This led to countless hardware and software upgrades and, as malware became more and more a part of daily life, countless system restores.

In 2002, he decided to see for himself what this whole iMac thing was about, and he never looked back. He’s proud to have been a first generation adopter of Apple technology ever since, from the iPhone to the iPad and the Apple Watch. Self-taught on Mac OS X and iOS as he was with Windows, in 2011 he put these technical and troubleshooting skills together with his many years of customer service experience and went to work at Apple’s Genius Bar. There he quickly got into the groove of unflappably assisting customers with speedy resolutions to their myriad technical issues.

2014 brought Eric new adventures in consulting with startups and other Boston-area small businesses, government departments, and private clients. The work reacquainted him with the Windows experience and taught him a lot about working with networks, servers, and corporate clients in general. He joins Call Andy! with this diverse background, happy to re-focus on the Apple ecosystem and serve our customers, whatever their technology needs.

The new Call Andy! Help Desk team

In order to help our clients get support faster, we've teamed with a consulting group who provides us with a Mac-centric Help Desk team to handle low-level service requests. You can reach the Help Desk by emailing, or calling 508-650-6113 x8. Please note, you must be a current Call Andy! client to use the Help Desk, and our standard remote support rates apply.

As always, thank you for your continued reliance on us as your Mac IT resource.

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Eric Prescott

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