Client Alert #39 macOS 10.12 Sierra Release
Client Alert #43 End of CrashPlan for Home 

Please read this entire alert!

If you’re a residential or small business client of ours, and have been backing up offsite to CrashPlan for Home, you’ve received an email saying that CrashPlan will no longer be offering their Home (green) Consumer product as subscriptions expire.

The “why” here is that CrashPlan has chosen to focus on it’s business and enterprise offerings, and move away from the consumer market.

To be clear, your backups will continue to run until your current subscription expires. CrashPlan will end all operations for CrashPlan for Home after October 22, 2018 and the product will no longer be available for customers’ use, including access to previously backed up data.The email you received from CrashPlan has your subscription end date in it, or you can find it within the CrashPlan app on your computer, or by logging-in to your account here.

Please note: This only applies to CrashPlan for Home users. This does NOT affect CrashPlan for Business, or CrashPlan Pro e customers. Customers who purchase CrashPlan for their businesses through Call Andy! will NOT be affected by this.

You can read more details from CrashPlan here.

Moving forward, we have several options for you which will be based on how many users and how much data you have. For most users who are currently on CrashPlan for Home, our recommendation is Backblaze. You can read a very helpful comparison of services here.

We’re happy to work with you on this transition, so please email your engineer to discuss your best option, and when we need to begin the transition for you, ideally 60 days before your subscription expires. Our goal is to have everyone migrated to a new solution well ahead of their CrashPlan expiration dates so there’s no frantic rush.

if you'd like to sign-up yourself, you can here.

As always, thank you for your continued reliance on us as your Mac IT resource.

AndyDerekEric, Kat & the CA Helpdesk team
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