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North Broadway reconstruction design is not Low Stress

The North Broadway reconstruction project (Violet-US36) is scheduled to start at the end of the year so this is our last chance to effect changes. 

N. Broadway is identified as part of the Low Stress Walk and Bike Network.  However, the proposed design of a buffered bike lane is inconsistent with the goal of the Low-Stress Walk and Bike Network Plan of attracting a broad population of people (ages 8 to 80) as confident and comfortable pedestrians and cyclists.  The proposed bike lane would continue to be adjacent to the opening doors of parked cars and next to high volumes of 30 mph traffic.
We can not wait for the next redesign or the redevelopment of all of the west side of Broadway for a continuous Multiuse Path for this segment of the Low Stress Network.

- Please Email prior to the TAB meeting Monday evening.
- Speak at TAB public comments at 6:10 (signup by 6pm) on Monday July 8th at the Boulder Municipal building.

Talking points include: 
- Construct a safe street for your family to bike or walk to the many businesses, restaurants and future library. 
- Reduce Speed to 25 mph which is appropriate for the high density, mixed use development that already provides ample ped/bike traffic and that will generate even more as the west side of the street is developed.
- Ask for physically protected bike lanes that meet modern design standards.

City's N. Broadway project pageTAB materials 

13th GreenStreet - 20 is Plenty

Thirteenth Street is planned to be the first GreenStreet in Boulder, a low-traffic street prioritized for walking and biking for all users, 8-80.

If the Greenstreet speed is not 20 mph, it is not safe and comfortable for all users 8-80.  Twenty is plenty!

- Please Email prior to the TAB meeting Monday evening.
- Speak at TAB public comments at 6:10 (signup by 6pm) on Monday July 8th at the Boulder Municipal building.

Talking points include: 
- Install 20 mph speed limit signs to set the expectation of a safe environment for greenstreets to encourage safe cycling (& walking) for all ages, then work to mitigate traffic after an evaluation period.
- Traffic Diversion - If the traffic count is greater than 2000 vehicles per day, traffic needs to be reduced.
- The key to safe street is installing elements to calm and divert traffic for proposed GreenStreets that do not meet the speed and count criteria.  These elements can be very inexpensive, such as parking blocks, Jersey barriers for diversion, and planters.
- Thanks to the City of Boulder for implementing quick and inexpensive projects

The 13th Street project is scheduled to begin construction later this summer.   
13th Street WebpageTAB materials.

Here is Community Cycles' recommended definition for Greenstreets:

Neighborhood GreenStreets are streets with low vehicle volumes and speeds, designed to prioritize and improve conditions for walking and biking. Neighborhood GreenStreets are streets where people of all ages and abilities feel safe walking and biking. To create this condition, Neighborhood GreenStreets use a variety of treatments, including:

  • Traffic calming and speed limits – to reduce speeds of motor vehicles to 20mph or less and discourage vehicles from using the street as a cut through.
  • Diversion when traffic count exceeds 2K day (AADT)
  • Signing and pavement markings - to provide organizational, safety and wayfinding signs and markings for people walking, bicycling and driving.
  • Intersection Design Treatments – to provide ample opportunities for people bicycling and walking to safely and comfortably cross busy streets (to determine appropriate metric for Boulder) , including LPIs, crosswalk spacing, signal timing, etc
  • Intersection Design Treatments – to prioritize for people walking and biking at crossings and intersections
  • Improved facilities for walking and biking, including sidewalks and refuge islands, bulbouts, raised crosswalks, etc
Speak out for GreenStreets with 20 mph travel speeds and low traffic counts that prioritize people riding bikes and walking. 

Be Heard Boulder 

The city of Boulder is asking monthly transportation questions on the Be Heard Boulder website. This is your chance to have direct input on Transportation Issues.  Sign up and Be Heard!

Report Boulder Close Calls & Maintenance

This data is used by the city to identify maintenance items that need to be addressed and map out locations that are dangerous and need improvement.  Report A Close Call or Maintenance needs (under Transportation).

Report An Aggressive Driver

Dial *CSP (*277). Repeat the license number out loud to memorize it.

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