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If You Didn't Hear, Spark Notes* Is Now Content Marketing Tips

My last reminder to those of you who didn't see the previous announcements, but Spark Notes* is now Content Marketing Tips. Get used to it. 

10 Ways Companies Are Annoying Us... and Don’t Even Know It

10 Ways Companies Are Annoying Us... and Don’t Even Know It
Earlier this year Pepsi poured millions into a commercial featuring Kendall Jenner that was promptly removed due to social media backlash. The tone deaf commercial tried to place Pepsi as the hero needed to solve the Black Lives Matter protest movement.

This was a ludicrously high profile case of a company completely missing the mark and offending the intended audience. The general consensus from everyone was "What were they thinking?"

And that gets to the issue of my most recent article on Forbes and the related video on Content Marketing Tips. Too often companies fall into the trap of doing something that they think is "the right thing to do" for a number of reasons:
  1. That's the way it's always done (e.g., Mass email introductions that assume a personal relationship ("Hope you're having a great day"))
  2. The idea has top executive approval
  3. So much money and time has already been dropped into it that nobody dare speak up and suggest pulling the plug. 

Read the article and watch the video for 10 situations big and small as to how companies are unwittingly annoying us.
READ the Article on Forbes
10 Ways Companies Are Annoying Us... And Don't Even Know It - Content Marketing Tips
WATCH the video


Michael and David Fight the Twitterbots

TDS #180: Michael and David Fight the Twitter Bots
Starting to get jealous of all your friends who subscribe to Tear Down Show? Well, you're in luck. Subscription to Tear Down Show is FREE and this is the perfect episode to get started. David and Michael strap on digital gear to fight are sworn foe, the Twitterbot. We also complain that we can't block Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan on Facebook. 

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Funny Tweets

Plane flying into speech bubble
"If the floor is lava, that couch isn't gonna help you, kid." - @WhaJoTalkinBout

"WAITER: u can choose between 5 potato options and a salad. ME: the 5 potato options, please" - @ClichedOut

"Pilot [over intercom]: This is your captain speaking, since you are here for 14 hours anyway, here is the first season of my podcast." - @lovstructionist

"I like to put up Christmas decorations in stages. This is the stage where I sit on the couch with lasagna and stare at the boxes." - @AbbyHasIssues

"Twitter is great if you can't afford therapy but you also don't want to get any better." - @Home_Halfway


WEBINAR: How to Qualify More Leads at Trade Shows

Trade show attendees
Join me for a webinar based on my book Three Feet from Seven Figures: One-on-One Engagement Techniques to Qualify More Leads at Trade Shows. We will discuss best practices for stopping and engaging trade show attendees. We will also go over techniques for motivating your booth staff to work harder and smarter to increase the quantity and quality of your leads.

WHEN: Wednesday, December 6th, 10am (Pacific Standard Time)

The webinar is brought to you by CyberEdge.
Book cover for Three Feet from Seven Figures
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One-on-One Engagement Techniques to Qualify More Leads at Trade Shows



NEXT WEEK in SF: Show and Tell Your Best Video Project of 2017

Show and Tell Your Best Video Project of 2017
This has been a great year for the SF Video Marketing, a meetup group Spark Media Solutions co-sponsors with Brightcove. There are more than 400 members, and we traditionally have meetings on the first Thursday of every month. If you're in the Bay Area please come next month to our "show and tell" night. Attendees will get the chance to get up and show some of their best work. Please register for more information.

WHEN: Thursday, December 7th, 6pm
WHERE: Brightcove, 149 9th Street, #300, San Francisco, CA

Join the SF Video Marketing group on Meetup.com to register.
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Photo of Kendall Jenner from banned Pepsi commercial.

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