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EASY Security Tips

"Security" by Henri Bergius
Get a password management program

You probably have hundreds of accounts with usernames and passwords scattered across the Internet. If you're NOT using a password management program, you probably only have a handful of passwords. UNIQUE passwords are better than STRONG passwords, but best to have both. Remember only one password with a password management program like RoboForm or 1Password. You'll not only be more secure, but it's also a great lifehack to work faster. You'll be amazed how much time you waste logging in and out of websites.

Backup. Seriously, do it.

One day you WILL lose your files, or they'll be encrypted and held for ransom. Back up your data locally and in the cloud. It's cheap and easy. Set it, but don't forget it. Periodically check in to make sure it's working. Here's my SOHO backup plan.

Keep your guard up

Breadcrumbs of your life are all over the Internet. People can call with lots of information about you, luring you to give up even more information. Always verify, and don't give up personal details over the phone to strangers who call you.

I assume you've got antivirus installed

Without it, your computer could be infected within seconds. Although some have pulled it off for years. Want to take those chances?

Funny Tweets

“Can I get a piña colada please. 'This is Starbucks.' Sorry, can I have venti piña colada.” - @mydmac

“I bought my girlfriend a fridge for her birthday. Not a great gift I know, but you should've seen her face light up when she opened it” - @Anon_imosity

“I can't prove it, but from the sound of it, I'm pretty sure there's an injured dolphin stuck in my dishwasher.” - @AndyAsAdjective

“'Never go to bed angry' is some solid advice if you want to stay up until 3am fighting” - @MandiAtRandom

“Don't embarrass a guy by telling him his fly is open in public. Just be a man, walk over there, and slowly zip it up for him.” - @doublewenis

How to Hire 1M InfoSec Pros When None Are Available

We need to transition people into a teaching hospital for information security
The demand for great information security talent is far outstripping supply. This year, Cisco released a report where they estimated that there are a million unfulfilled security jobs worldwide. The lack of InfoSec talent problem is a huge issue for all industries. Earlier this month I reported for Speak With A Geek at the 2016 Security BSides conference in Las Vegas, where I asked attendees “How are we going to fill one million open security positions?” They offered some rather sage advice that you wouldn't expect. Watch the video and participate in this lively discussion on Facebook.


Lack of Physical Skill Dash Michael and David's Olympic Dreams

"Swimming Night" by Andy Miah
Swimmer toes. IOC cracking down on Olympic GIFs. When will the horror end? Right after you listen to this very funny and informative episode of Tear Down Show.

"Three Feet" Named One of the Top 25 Marketing Books of the Summer

Image of books by Link Hoang
My trade show engagement book, "Three Feet from Seven Figures," made yet another list at LinkedIn. While giving me the honor, they asked me to pick another marketing book I liked, and I chose "Made to Stick." Feel free to pick up a copy of both!
Book cover for Three Feet from Seven Figures
Get your copy of


One-on-One Engagement Techniques to Qualify More Leads at Trade Shows


I'll Be REAL While Everyone Will Be Virtualizing

"Welcome to Las Vegas" by William Beem
Find me with camera in hand interviewing experts and attendees at VMworld, the biggest virtualization conference. Let me know if you'll be in Las Vegas 8/28-8/31. And in preparation for the big event, why not watch this very funny video I produced at VMworld 2013: How do you explain virtualization to your mom?

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