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Why Online Privacy Matters Even if You’ve Got Nothing to Hide

Why privacy matters
Well-meaning people, acting completely within the law, can abuse our personal data. To demonstrate the human side of online privacy, we produced a video for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) where we asked attendees of the Security BSides Conference to tell us stories of when they realized the importance of online privacy. After you watch, please post your story with the hashtag #privacystory.


Future of Payments

Future of payments panel
As part of an ongoing series with FinTech Silicon Valley, I moderated a discussion with a panel of absurdly smart fintech leaders on the future of payments. I wrote a full article summarizing their insights (there's also a full video). Here's a few highlights I found most interesting:
  • There's a lot of money to be made from the delay of money. Do we really want money to be processed that fast? Do we want instant verifications and transactions? If we had it, it would destroy the floating money industry. If we move to instant settlement, it's no longer cash and credit. People actually live off of fees.
  • Trust is huge in payments. Even though Western Union may cost $20 to move money and a new unknown competitor is only $5, people will go with Western Union because of long standing trust.
  • Digital payments work very well in closed loop payment systems such as colleges, military bases, and cruise ships. There is actually a delight to closed systems. Think about not carrying your wallet around Disney World and then just getting one bill when you're done.
  • If you want illegal items you're going to have to dip your toe into Bitcoin. Bitcoin allows the dark market to survive.
  • Regulatory issues in fintech is an enormous hurdle. When fintech companies consider starting, the decision is always binary - do we do it or not? The reason being is there no slow ramp up of user acquisition. Because of regulatory issues, the startup costs are huge.
Check out the full article and video

Funny Tweets

"Listen jogger, I'm eating fast food alone in my car, the last thing I need is eye contact." - @lisaxy424

"Your Scooby Doo Villain Name is "old" plus your gender plus your last name." - @joshgondelman

"Of course you have no regrets. Regrets are for people smart enough to know they could have done better." - @LoveNLunchmeat

"Has anyone else noticed that since the invention of the smart phone, bathroom stall graffiti was moved to Twitter?" - @crunchenhanced

"Apparently, my superpower is being invisible to bartenders.." - @Tmoney68
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