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Kosher for St. Patrick's Day

Jewish Rye - Happy St. Patrick's Day
I'm not sure if this picture is funny or not. No one expects to see humor from a bakery. There's no winky emoticon or any other design element that suggests that this is a joke. It definitely wasn’t accidental. That sticker didn't fall onto that bread. A decision was made to add the sticker. Someone had to design it and specifically put the parve kosher symbol on it. Plus they had to place that sticker on all the loaves of bread. None of that is free. It all involved a significant cost.

The question remains, "Is this a joke or not?" Does not one single person of Jewish faith work at Oroweat? Was the cost of designing, printing, and placing the stickers worth it? That kind of intrigue and uncertainty caused me to purchase the Jewish rye, take a photo of it, post it to my social channels, obsess over the intention, and try to picture the scenario that went down to led to this outcome. In the end, whatever the purpose, I think it was an excellent decision. I bought the product and I’m writing about it. What could be better than sales AND promotion?


Content Marketing Trends

@Scion on Instagram
Backup. Long-form blog posts generate 9x more leads than short-form posts.

Don't worry about the people with short attention spans. They're never going to buy from you anyway. The people who need problems solved will take the time to absorb your content, learn, and ultimately trust you. They'll express that trust by giving you their email address, or better, they'll contact you.

Almost 1/3rd of top marketers reuse and repurpose content regularly

We're enormous fans of "single effort, multiple units of content." Don't ever just create one content unit. Version it, slice it up into more digestible chunks, and format it for various social channels. For underperforming content, edit, retitle, and republish. For the most successful content, update it and republish. With all that versioning you'll amortize your spending across multiple units of content. The additional units will allow you to increase distribution, thus improving your return on investment.

More than 2/3rds of companies' video marketing budget is increasing 

This is probably the result of video production costs dropping and more available platforms to distribute video (especially on Facebook). On top of it all, there simply isn't as much competition in video, and sadly some of the largest B2B companies see YouTube as a dumping ground for whatever video they publish. They don't see it as a means to build a relationship with an audience and are unaware that it's the second largest search engine.

Source: SnapApp 
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Funny Tweets

“If it seems as though I love the dog more than you, kids, well that's because he doesn't have homework I need to help him with.” - @HiddleDeeDee

“Some of you are acting like you got off a flight from Australia instead of losing one hour.” - @jjhartinger

“On your first day in prison, make sure you go up to the warden and compliment the décor.” - @ShesARealGenius

“Seems like I can't even sit on a park bench anymore without someone's henchman sneaking by to swap briefcases” - @MavenofHonor

“I made a huge to do list for today. I just can't figure out who's going to do it.” - @Dolly0Dolly


David eats a candy bar on the show!

Dwayne Melancon & David Spark at RSA2017
Highlights from RSA, the future of hacking, sexual harassment, and everyone's offering unlimited plans now. But tune in for the first few minutes to hear David eat a candy bar on the show. A podcasting first!
Book cover for Three Feet from Seven Figures
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Future of Payments

Tuesday, March 28 - Palo Alto

Digital currency
Want to learn more? I'll be moderating this panel discussion for FinTech Silicon Valley.
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