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How to Get Kicked Out of an Event

You're outta here!
Even if you never did want to get thrown out of an event, wouldn't you just like to know how far you could push someone until they say, "ENOUGH!"? That was my goal at PCMA Convening Leaders conference in Austin, Texas where I asked attendees, "What would I have to do to get kicked out of your event?" Here are their true and hilarious responses
What would you do to get kicked out of an event?


Calls to Action (CTAs)

Calls to Action (CTA) - 'Buy Now' banana
Users prefer to learn about the offer before they see the CTA button

Don't come out with the CTA right away. One study showed a 17 percent decrease in CTA when the CTA button was above the fold.

More than 90 percent of visitors that read your headline also read your CTA copy

Those are you two most important pieces of copy. The headline is the gatekeeper to getting people to click on your post. If you're successful pulling that off, then you need to create a CTA that will drive them to click on that as well. Don't settle on your first idea. Write 20 headlines and 20 CTAs. Pick your favorites and then A/B test each one over time.

Highest converting location for a CTA is a welcome gate

The welcome gate is that image that pops up that prevents the visitor from getting to the content. They're annoying, but effective. They can be up to two and a half times more effective than the next most successful location. When a visitor encounters a welcome gate they'll have to conduct some type of action, either closing it out or filling it in, to get to the content they want to see. 

Source: The above stats come from individual studies collected at Protocol 80.

Funny Tweets

"I have Tourettes syndrome, but instead of swearing, I yell out movies that Nicolas Cage has been in" - @OfficeofSteve

"My favorite act of vengeance is befriending your dad and convincing him that dread locks would look cool on him." - @ObscureGent

"Finally found a job ad that didn't mention 'attention to detail' or 'team player'. Finally!" - @HellRaisingHell

"I like having conversations with kids. Grownups never ask me what my third favorite reptile is." - @simoncholland

"Got my flu shot and now everyone in Walgreens knows my safe word." - @WilliamAder
Book cover for Three Feet from Seven Figures
Get your copy of


One-on-One Engagement Techniques to Qualify More Leads at Trade Shows



B2B Video Marketing Insights

Thursday, April 6 - Brightcove offices, San Francisco

Digital currency
Spark Media Solutions is co-producing an interesting panel discussion at Brightcove's offices in San Francisco. Head to the Meetup page to register. See you there next Thursday.
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