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16 of the Dumbest Content Marketing Mistakes We’re Still Making

16 of the Dumbest Content Marketing Mistakes We’re Still Making
This article is the "stupid stupid" from the "who's who" in content marketing. It's not that they normally make mistakes, it's just that they fessed up to it. I boil down all the mistakes to one simple reason: IT'S EASIER TO DO THE "WRONG" THING. Take a look at this list and you'll realize we're all making these mistakes continuously. Stop yourself and the train.
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Robot Taxation with No Representation

Robot Taxation with No Representation
Have a fear that a robot is going to take away your job? The government is fearing the same as well. For each person not working at a job, that's one less source of taxation. Is it possible that the government could still tax robots for doing your job? It's seriously being considered, but we don't take that and any other story seriously on this episode of Tear Down Show. Listen and SUBSCRIBE.
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Funny Tweets

"People act weird when I explain that I ate my twin in the womb, but when would have been the right time to do it?" - @Dawn_M_

"I just told my boss that 'STFU' stands for 'Sincere Thanks For Understanding' and it's REALLY important that none of you tell him otherwise" - @MelvinofYork

"College graduates look awfully happy for people who’ll never have an entire summer off again." - @goldengateblond

"Just tell me how many calories are in the entire package and save me the trouble of doing all the multiplication." - @schumoo

"I watch birds sometimes and wonder, 'If I could fly, whose car would I crap on?'" - @iGreenMonk
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