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How do your "active listening" skills rate?

One of my clients recently hired me to capture the success stories of a few key customers. These success stories will then be shared as case studies with prospects and other clients.

As part of this project, I've had the opportunity to interview four executives. After each discussion I feel like I'm the luckiest person around. Talking to fascinating people and then sharing their journey in writing? Best job ever.

My most recent interview was with an executive who has partnered with my client for more than 10 years. I asked him what my client's training programs had taught him that helped him and his team the most.

"Active listening," he said.

His answer hit a lacrosse ball on the head. (As the mother of a 10-year-old boy who plays lacrosse, I know what that feels like: it packs a punch!)

So much of our success in business and in life comes down to active listening. Are we really hearing what people (our clients, our prospects, our friends and family) have to say? Or, are we trying to tell them what they need, or how they can fix a problem, without first stopping to hear what they have to say?

When we don't actively listen, we're missing a huge opportunity to respond with what our customers and prospects are asking for and what they need.

What are your HR buyers telling you?

Practice active listening and you'll find out.
Liz Sheffield
Chief Copywriter

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